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Black Cheshire
Enjoys drawing, is a huge fan of half human and half animal characters from a manga or web comic just as long as the plot and story line are interesting, and I'm a HUGE fan of reading yaoi...lots and lots of yaoi =w=
Black Cheshire
August 13th, 2019
*hollers from the back*

Oy! Kiss already, damn it! >3<
@Jaymzeecat: keep it up, I'm liking the parts of the comic thus far ^w^ b
This is gonna be good~
As a fan of kemonomimis and some good BL stories, can't wait to see how this'll play out >w>
ooooohhhh, yeah...hee, hee, hee...*licks lips, taking binoculars out* time for some real lovin' action >////3
Hee, hee....I would so totally ship those two together in a heart beat =//w//=
I just immediately added ya and I even asked a question =w=
Awww yeaaahhh >3

Sucker punch, sucka! >D
!...oh boy...the explanation is definitely gonna turn for the worse -3-;
Wow...what..a..bitch D<
oooo, really nice outfit OvO

this is basically the character that I'm cosplaying as:

If I do see ya in that outfit I'll be sure to get a pic with ya in it o3o
oooo, another person going to the Anime Expo as well o3o

I know I'll be there, but I'm gonna be dressing up as my own original character since it'll be my first time cosplayin' o3o
WOOOOOOOO!! *swirls shirt around*

Yeah, baby, go Sai! >3
heh heh >3
Seriously guys? ya really wanna go up against the likes of Kuragi?

heh..okay, enjoy getting your throats or chests sliced opened >:3
Yeah Yeah >3
That's what I'm talkin' about 'ere!

You finally learned how to assert yourself, Aki. Good for you, man! OwO

*looks at Tatsuya* That's what you get for forcing alcohol down on him, BITCH! >3
WTF man? D:<
Okay Naomi, now THIS is where I would totally draw the line there.

It's bad enough that you have to take advantage of Aki's kindness and all that, but making him cover for you when he's spending his day off with Kaidou that's just unacceptable!

Ya hear what I'm saying? UNACCEPTABLE!!

And Aki, I'm sorry to say this but this is just wrong, okay? You've been bustin' your tail every day at the daycare (not to mention cover Naomi's sorry ass as well) and you need some time to relax with your bf. You need to stand your ground and just plain out say "No" to her.
*gasps* Hisawa has a brother?! awwww....he soooo cute =//w//=
You REALLY want to make Aki cover your sorry ass for that long just so you can help your boyfriend getting settled in and such?

Even I don't use people to help take care of things that's so freakin' difficult for me to handle on my own.

Hey Naomi, how about you try pulling your own weight around the daycare instead of using Aki as the scapegoat for the work that YOU'RE supposed to be doing, hmm?

*fake coughs* Bitch
*grabs the strawberry underwear, cheshire grin* this will be a memento of how you two went aaaaaallll the way. All.night.long >:3
pfffft! heh, heh, heh, hee =w=

talk about being so direct there, Ryuuta

*nosebleeds like crazy, then starts hanging on tree limb with tail* oh yeah...that was soooo worth watching all the way through, my complete =///w///= yeah =w=