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@SonicKnightFrazor: I believe he is finishing the last battle of the next round.
Next round?

We might get a plot only chapter.
Or even better, an Antidamage.
Alternatively, Annetta might have an Antisword set, predicting Tenguman would try to cut the vines.
Well, it's not like the Invis chip strategy worked wonders for Serenade.
Also, yay for the early update.
Feng Tian is clever as a fox.

But Annetta is far too unpredictable for anyone to guess her moves in advance.

This shall be fun.
He can count on his trusty NetOp.
Turtles can be surprisingly fast, you know?

Believe or not, I was once asked to babysit a turtle and they seem to move faster when you are not looking.

Although at this pace it will be at least a month and a half before the fight ends and three months before the Q&A O_O
If Plantman wins Baryl will fight his way to the top defeating women and children.
That's nice. It shows this as an even match. I wonder about those health bars, I can't tell who is winning anymore.
Anetta will always be Anetta, no matter who she's fighting.

Also... trusty NetOp? What kind of weed has Plantman been smoking?
Also, this isn't the slowest fight you've ever written. Not by a long shot.

The slowest one award goes to this one:

Or this one:
@Pharaoh Man: To be quite honest at some point during this fight I was afraid you would stop writing. The fact that in some strips you got almost no feedback wasn't helping either.

But you haven't stopped. Keep persevering and we'll keep being patient.
Actually Tenguman had slicing powers in his classic Megaman form.
Well, you just did :p I wrote Windman instead of Plantman. I'll leave it unedited for the sake of the thread.

I guess I still have not come to terms with the fact that Windman lost the Division named after him, even though he is so powerful.

I guess Feng Tiang is just more amusing form the writing standpoint. Following that logic Annetta should win this fight.
This is going to get good. This isn't Tenguman vs Windman as much as it is Tenguman vs Feng Tian.
So... we are kinda missing an update.