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A rook? Now Dex is just begging for a Lightning/Thunderboltt attack.
@MegaTuga: In BN3 barriers nullified wind. They changed it in BN4.

Annetta was as unexpected and funny as usual.

Those moves showed high level from both contenders.

Hmmm... what does N.O. stands for?
Protoman makes a good point. It's just that Lan and Megaman have more options to attack from a distance.
He used it right away with Protoman and it worked. But then again Protoman is the kind of navi that needs to get close in order to attack. I somehow doubt Lan will fall for it that easily.
I expected no less from Chaud. After all, he gave his word.
Heh... Dex and I are thinking the same thing.
Fair enough.It is a good thing this didn't happen during a big cliffhanger.
What does a ghost have to do around here to get an update?
Go figure. It happened in a movie and RedRob found the name.
Well, I was wrong.

It was not a movie.

Apparently it happened in the anime.

Was there even a BN movie?
In the one of the movies Bass finally gets to absorb Megaman, but that proved to be a lot of data to handle. The result wasn't pretty. Eventually they had to become two navis again.
That is the mark of a good storyteller.

He managed to take one of the most common and boring fights and turn it i to an eagerly awaited match.
This is nice... I missed Lan and friends' silly plots.
I hope and guess it won't be that way.

I do have a theory about that, but this time I'll keep it to myself :P

I made it as close as it gets to have a cameo in the comic.
I love this so far.

Better than the popularity poll.
@Pharaoh Man: Hahaha... I didn't even realize I was doing that. If you ask me most of my guesses were wrong. I always thought Shadow was the one who got the right predictions all the time.

That being said I *might* keep quiet about my guesses.
I might as well spoil this one as well. Not everyone got his question asked at the same time. Serenade got his before the tournament and what we are watching now is the recording of the questions Ribitta asked through time.

Serenade didn't know he would lose, but he knew that was a possibility, that's why he prepared a message for Mamoru that would send itself in case of deletion.

I am pleased with the answer he gave, long detailed and consistent. I am such a Serenade fanboy, but for the next round I might change my avatar.
I wonder if Serenade will show up.

Maybe not since he's now deleted...

Oh well.
@Pharaoh Man: I called it anyway :P
@Arc Impulse: That's how I knew Mamoru would lose to Dex.

I kinda knew Serenade would lose as well. Oh well...