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i live for this comic
It's Brian!
It's finally time for the cover image to merge with the story!!
Im hoping for some hot grinding action ;;;;;;;D
when u were hoping for a kiss and it really happens!~ <3
when thee liqure hits the words wont quit.
time for some "motherly" thoughts to apear
hmmmm maybe his libido will decide to text his current boy-toy
currently hoping for round two, (that wont happen), or at least a nice kiss cause this is my fave couple <3
hot, hot, and hotter
its like looking at a grown up farmer version of kylee
i hope brian doesnt offer him a ride to school now x~x
i like how he calls it an eye sore but its not Brian's house, so if he doesn't wanna see it he can go >:0
This comic gives me like the good kind of Anxiety if there is such a thing! xD
awe what a cock block and everything was getting 'good' TTuTT
Whoa Triple update shock!!
as soon as the door closes you gotta jump your boo! step number one of being a horny bitch <3
I really want him to respond with "I don't, but thanks for asking."
logans face in the second to last panel is so cute my baby boy is so like relaxed now that hes got the okay from is mom and i feel like this will let him move forward in life and make him happier.
oh man he's crying, he had courage to say it to her, im just hoping she treats him relatively the same or like "dang now i owe Brian 20 buck, he knew u were gay". But, no matter what Logan needs a hug :(
awe dang i was hoping jean would be a little tease a little more xD
January 16th, 2017
i cry ever time
i do the same thing i sew clothes, costumes, and toys, all because ill design an outfit or see a toy, or look at fabric swatches and buy stuff just to make it, just to sew. this is the life of sewing!~ <3
the characters are always drawn well i guess i never thought there was a struggle. If your proud all of us fans are proud to!
well then <3
He's more like a RedHot with how feisty he is and with how easily his face lights up, a little blush here a little blush there. It'll all soon be okay logan (hopefully) <3