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hhnnnggg this gets better each time
YES Finally Zager had the chance to prove himself

The wait will be painful from now on xD
Great update.
I'm shaking
I cant wait to read more, yet I can't fathom the idea of this comic having an end so soon.

Well I say "so soon" but this comic is 8 years old lol

Waiting to see what happens!
I knew waiting would yield a reward, but I didn't imagine that instead of reading only the new pages I'd be reading the whole comic again.

Well spent 3 hours. :D

This chapter was all I expected and more. Kato's battle was my big highlight.

Now I can go to rest, and return when the RSS tells me there's a new update.
Also, thank you for your work. It's been a marvelous ride so far during all these years.
I've been waiting so long for this moment, and it was exactly as I wanted it to be.
I love it.
Its been a while since the last time I put a comment, but man
You managed to get my heart on my throat. I cant wait xD

Enjoy your break! This is awesome so far.
Everytime I come back, I don't feel disappointed.
I love how this is going on.

I hope you feel better about the depression, That is a real crippling thing for artists.
You're awesome, and we love you and your art.

Take all the time you need. :3
I would love to say something smart or awesome, but words usually fail me. Most people already voiced what I thought, and I actually understand what you're going through. I used to be depressed, and I also know the feeling when motivation swipes to something different.

I follow you since around... two years ago? I forgot. You were halfway chapter 7. And everytime this comic updates I feel happy. The only thing I wish to ask, if I was in position, is precisely what you mentioned you don't want to do. Don't leave this comic. Update it less if you want, but don't toss away this awesome project.

A last question. Would you be okay if somebody grabbed all the comic and made it into PDFs in case anything happens?
I'm as sad as if they were real ;_;
@DaWubber: Pluto.
Oh god, now I can't wait for the next update ;-;

Amazing job with keeping the suspense. And congrats for the 500 pages! :D
A couple of words:

1. I never was a huge fan of Giovanni, but you portrayed him so interestingly that I got hooked by him. I really want to see more of him.
2. Poor Robin. It seems she wont have any rest. xD
3. Like I said in the previous update, I can't wait to see how you handle some of the most interesting parts in the game.

And finally, I'll say that this comic has me as hooked as how it grabbed me when I discovered him. Your work is amazing.
OK, this was a very long but awesome episode.

I can't say much that haven't been said already. Your ability to tell stories is astounding, the art style fits very nice and this gives us feelings.

Now comes some of the most interesting parts of the Kanto travel. I don't know if you'll take the beach route or the bicycle route, but from now on there's the part that I enjoy the most from all Kanto travel. I only hope that Koga is a bit more reasonable than the others... or Sabrina, that can read minds.

'nyways, good comic. I cant wait for more.

ok I lied with that. I can wait. Take your time. :)
Nothing to say. This is getting more and more epic every time. I cant wait for the next update.
I really dont want Mr. Fuji to die ;_;

This comic is everyday better.
And dont worry, we can wait for the updates. :D
I knew Fuji was possessed!
I knew it!

Awesome update. And dont worry, you may take a year giving us an update and I'll still be waiting for it.

I check the comic once a day to see if there's anything new. xD
Hnnnng it'll be difficult to wait for the next update.

This is going great.
That thing with Gary was a super close call. Oh my.