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The Friendly Ghost Casper is here to enjoy reading and maybe, someday, uploading something of her own. :3
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Oooh, how utterly exciting *in a Hedonismbot voice* OwO

..(just realized that's only funny if you've watched futurama, which I hope you have...)
These pages weren't published on DrunkDuck?
I read the whole thing over again before I found it here and I don't remember seeing these...

Is the story going to get some new details maybe? :)
September 24th, 2012
pleasantly surprised
So here I was, thinking "please don't tell me this is going to be another of those emo-esk stories when the art is ok but the story is crap"

You may kick me in the face for thinkin' that (please don't though...) cause this probably made my top 5 "funny as fuck"-list XD

Can't wait to see more! :D *woop-woop*
I'm so glad to have found this comic again because I used to read it over at drunkduck but then my saves f-d up and I couldn't find it..

Now I'm just frustrated because I've read very much further than this but hey, it's feels wonderful that I can again.

Keep up the incredible work! <3 :D
This page is AMAZING. Can't believe that you actually created something so well done and detailed in so short time. *thumbs up*