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I'm sure you really don't want to know. It's 2:21 in the morning. I'll do something about this later.

All you need to know:
I like cheese.
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    James R. Balars
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I'm apparently against mostly everyone else. I honestly liked George.

How sad. :<
So it turns out...
@Iarei, that's the main reason cats adore rats and mice.
Sounds 'bout right.
I wanna picture that...
Awww, little ZapRat! :D Poor guy. :<
This should be good. :D
Awww, poor Zaprat.

Yeah, I'm keeping to it.

Edit: FURST? :D

Edit No. 2: Now that I think about it, is this anything like Pokemon the 'Bridged Series? If it is, Zaprat's just going to be replaced by a new one. 'Cause it's dead.
Mm, I like Zap-Rat more. :P
Zaprat? o:
Okay, but seriously, what's with everyone and his jumper? It's like the top currency, like a level 1 mew. (I love references).
This page makes more sense after going from the first page to now. Good thing I have nothing but spare time.
Profile lies.
Jer should have totally gone with a dirty blonde wig. :P
Also, I was reading the rest of the profile:
I noticed it said nothing about him disliking Gabby. This gave me an odd thought. :P