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I know the feeling of a painful dentist visit but I got a dentist place out here called Advantage Dental and they do everything you leave with no pain and feel comfy XD
You know what's funny?
When it's summer we start screaming "I wish it was winter already." But when winter comes around we change it to "I wish it was summer already." XD
@inejwstine: Don't forget to add extra flavoring XD
@inejwstine: heh, free slushies for everyone XD
Happy holidays
We had a fun Christmas this year sure but it's not complete cause we didn't have any snow. XD
On the bright side at least the bobbypin was removed and is it just me or does someone else think that our household items are out to get us? XD
I didn't know a bobby pin could be sharp enough to go through someones foot like that.
Well, all I can say is that you can take as long as you need to cause I have a feeling a bobby pin is as painful as almost stepping on a lego or anything sharper.
Take your time and rest man we can wait. Well I can since I've been keeping busy watching elena of avalor and so much more XD
I just love that movie greatly as it was a beautiful movie but was also sad at so many points. So I know what you mean so many pets and family we lose is such a painful feeling.
Sorry man
I know how you feel losing people to cancer I had a cousin that was more like a brother to me who had cancer all of his life since he was born but he passed away in his sleep years ago and it wasn't easy for me so I know how much it hurts but thankfully they are in heaven
@Nashew: Who know's the might be crossing over to the misty island of the pandaren's XD
it's cool seeing Ine and the others becoming friends with Leon, Chopper and Baggy I love Chronicles of atlum ^^
Congrats on the baby ^^
Kai doesn't deserve this punishment she deserves to stay for saving them and if I was there I would be like Cybie and tell off professor Squawk telling him why she used her spirit talking ability's with more powers just to save them
@T-H-E GUY: I don't think that's flareon in the bush's man XD it's another eevee and I believe that's august XD
Yay your back with zirra I take it you were just taking a break from this huh? ^^
June 14th, 2016
easter eggs
I saw in the top panel gatomon and a character (forgot his name) from attack on titan while in the last two panels it's judy hopps, nick wilde and carmelita fox XD
May 5th, 2016
@Midnight-fox18: the fox behind judy and nick look like carmilita from sly cooper XD
I can't wait for the next page this comic is so awesome I love spyro and cynder