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It's the end of an era. The closing of this chapter, and the opening of the new one.

I thank you, so much for posting your story here, to share with us. You've given us so much new perspective on what could have, no. What SHOULD have happened.

I thank you for taking us on a journey that was nothing but incredible, with no disappointments whatsoever, each chapter leaving us wanting more.

And I thank you for creating this in the first place, because I speak for myself, and I'm sure this goes for everyone when I say that our eyes simply light up every time we saw that a new chapter of Redux has been posted.

I thank you, so very much.

Farewell, and may life bring you more good fortune.

May 12th, 2013
April 21st, 2013
Very Impressive.
I have to admit, I was skeptical at first of this comic, but I'm glad I stuck with this. This comic is great. I think Kubo himself would be proud. Excellent work. Very Excellent. In my personal opinion, this rivals the actual manga. The emotion in this, the art style, the plot, everything. This is amazing. Truly amazing.
Welcome indeed ^^
I like how Red is hiding in one of the Movie Trailers. Very clever. Amazing job.
"Cusins forever"
D'awwwwwz xD
Don't worry, we haven't gone anywhere! :D
You watch Hetalia...don't you?
Great cliffhanger. Can't wait for the next arc!
Don't play it.
That game is seriously messed up.
I agree with cptfustercluck, you could try 2-3, but if it proves too much or you start running out of things to post, you could go back to just 1. We'll still enjoy it either way. ^^
I just read all of what you have (Which isn't much xD) and it's not bad. xD You have my support good sir...madame...person. ^^ You've earned yourself another fan.
Gabe is MY name. Feraligatr is the Pokemon I always have. ARE YOU SPYING ON ME?! XD