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Definitely Different
I started a fulltime job this week, so my schedule might shift. But this page turned out way better than I thought it would. WHO IS THE MYSTERY MAN???????
Best Worst Liar
The Best Idea Ever
The plot thickens! Almost at ten pages, too! O 3 O
@Fawningoverfauns: I definitely found it, oh my god. It's so cute, I am so, so grateful! My first piece of fanart for MWM! AHHH.
@Fawningoverfauns: I WOULD BE 10000% OKAY WITH THAT. I have some more designs of her...
Immensely Jealous
BRI, finally. She was the first one I finalized a design for, and one of the last mains I introduced. I'm learning so much from every page, it's so fun.

Also, here is my Tumblr blog for Paige, as a means of keeping you all updated!
I Don't Want To Talk About It
I should mention, this comic is set in Australia so high school is a bit different. But I'm flexible with the uniform thing... Don't question it. <3
October 2nd, 2014
/curls around your pages/ I love how you do ground and sky and I love the color pallet. And the cutie.
Annoyed Or Worse
This page took a lot longer than usual. I tried to push my angles and vary up the poses. ^_^
Wild Ride
Anna isn't so mean. But where is Bri?
@Professordethorn: Hey! Thank you so much for the comment, it means the world to me! And thank you for the favorite. I hope you continue to enjoy the story, and my style as it develops. ^_^
I'm No Liar
Finally, Ryan and Anna (BUT WHERE IS BRIII).
No More Pamphlets
I tried inking this traditionally, then coloring with my mouse. I think it went okay! I look forward to more complex pages.

(Also the note is intentionally bad. Please understand that.)
@DAFLI: Thank you! I really appreciate the comment and the fan-ing. I hope you enjoy it!<3
How can you be late when you didn't even sleep? Quite easily.
This is really cute. u w u
Pop goes the cherry.
As motivation to post, I'm posting this. I figure the first page is the hardest so bam, pressure is off.