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I love some comics, erm... Graphic novels as well. I work for Lions Gate Studios as an extra, it's not big but it's a decent pay for what I like to do.
I'm figuring out pse for my own webcomic.
I love reading quirk classics, if that helps too.
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    Zoe Tucker-Schulz
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he's not fuzzy!
I'm sorry Splinter isn't fuzzy at the bottom frames, I wasbeing rushed. Have you noticed my fine-lining on Al is line-y? I thought, to get a good fine line, with pse- for me anyways, is to do it over a few times... yeah. I know.
And the perverted doesn't come until part 2, which is like 5 strips away.
I forgot my tablets' usb cable at home #1 so I'm stuck with a sketch book low on paper and a cabless tablet for the weekend at home #2, joy
Yes, I know.
I was gone for the weekend to see not-blood family, the apartment that I stayed at had no wifi so I worked on part on and got it done, now drawing it. My quality from the "part one" cover page has changed in these to strips because when we got back we were hit with a lightning storm which meant a black out, so, here I am, drafting the strips and fine-lining with the nub on my tablet wearing and getting it done in an 90 minute time frame. Damn my netbook with a small battery and mini screen
I'm happy I found in idea, of sort, for smackjeeves. My fine-lining job doesn't always turn out well, but I'm happy it finally launched.
@bloodrizer: frame sets, like the shapes of each photo, size, placement
I'm absolutely new to this: did you download the framesets?
Lovin' the zombie(s)