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Hey, all~ So who else is a fan of Hetalia? Anyway, I'm half Chinese and half Peruvian (interesting mix, I know). In my free time, I like to read and draw (but isn't that common for most people?). Although, unlike most people I know, I actually quite enjoy school (even if the jerks like to tease me about how it looks like I barely have to try to get good grades). I love hanging out with my friends. My best friend, Tori, takes joy out of immersing me into different fandoms (am I that easily influenced?).
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Omg, I feel that he's going to use some secret old man martial arts to defend himself from Lumos! XDD Great comic you have here. ^^
Ve, I love the way you made the barrier look! It's like the ones in the anime~! ^^
Awesome~ I like it already!
I hope that she's from Peru, like my mum ^^
YES, WE MUST~!!! I'll pm you.
*slaps Ryo* Gosh darnit, Ryo! Stop saying stuff like that! You're only making it worse! *to Hiro* Ve, don't worry about him, Hiro-kun. He's just saying that to get you back to hell.
@Bookworm24601: *fangirl squeals* I LOVE YOUR PROFILE PIC!!!!!!!! *faints*
Black dot! Aha, I just know I'm gonna love this chapter ^^
Awww~ Italy's a Kitty! *dies from the cuteness of it all*
...So countries are born from cabbages? XD
...Didn't see that coming. XD
@1234bluebird: *tilts head to side* I don't get it.
Ve, her earrings are HUGE~ xD
Ve! I love Haku and Kero in the top left panel~ xD
@azn_miu: Thank you~!!!!!!! ^^
Ve, update soon? Please?
Ve, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!?!?1?one Ve, and it was so random and entertaining too TT.TT
Ve, you start school early. T.T I hope that you're still able to update with schoolwork hanging around the corner.
Haku's name and him being a dragon reminds me of the Haku in that anime movie, "Spirited Away." ^^
'Ti's a kitty-cat. X3