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I am a regular crazy artstudent in college
LIKES :YAOI ,Boyslove,Art,COFFEE, Caffeine.

these Anime: Nabari no ou,Card captor Sackura, Blood+,Bleach ,Naruto,

Art sites : (my tegaki page )
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    Kitty Fo
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see....that's why you don't tempt perverts....
face palm face plam face palm.....
Anne i pitty you.
...Is this a movie verison of FAKE!?? it is!! -flails!
*__* i am in love with KEITHS uncle....
i wanna know how Camilo and the twins spent holidays!!!

Like do their parents get them matching shirts..?

Skye's is the most awesome! i still wish to see Skye eating junkfood.
ohhhh he's so innoocent X3
love your comic by the way :) "


It's not Ah-haha-Ah-haha its Aha-Ahhaa-haahaaa ! It's so obvious!
Moe makes a better girl than Ruby somehow *___*;;;

ah... Skye seems to be defending Bailey.

also... Someone needs to update the library computers at this school!
Henry's reaction to knowing was so cute!! ^___^ ;;
lawl... his brothers are watching and smiling... XD
*___* photos are no match for Sales.
maple syrp and Alanis Morisette...right?
this comic is severely awesome..
luv yoooouuu!@!

i should not read this at school... *____* ;;
where is the FORUM!!!! SRLY!!!??? WHERE!!! T______T;;;

I made icons!
I love fran and Par's dialogue. *__* the colors? the symbolism? the emotions...
I wonder if they're into art.
-copy pastes into photoshop-
-makes icons-

I want a We Luv Jing t-shirt!
omg.. i read this and laughed so hard i nearly fell over. and i was in the computer lab *///*;;;