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I like mysteries, don't you?

However, I do think that I should tell everyone...I'm completely new at this whole "webcomic/manga thing". @.@ So please go easy on me, I will strive to improve little by little, yet as efficiently as I can~!

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Sorry for the long wait! I will be uploading regularly from here on out.
Thank you~! Please stay tuned! ^-^
Sorry for the month long hiatus!

My lappy just...suddenly died on me. x.x I ended up having to save up to buy a new motherboard and -- oh, forget the gruesome details. I'm back now!

I also have a new series running, so please be sure to check that out!

Anyway, please continue to stay tuned! And sorry again for suddenly disappearing into thin air. x.x
This is the map of the first continent, Sindane. I lost the original draft (which I'd been drawing on a huge cartolina) a few years ago however, so not every single country/town/city is listed down here. A city or town may be added, a forest, a mountain, blah and this image may be re-uploaded once every now and when.
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I've just got to say...this is extremely interesting. O__O I can't wait for another page.
So far, I'm loving the idea of Nune's entire background. :o
LOL! Congrats~! That was a really fun and interesting chapter. xD Can't wait for more~!
@lapremisa: Changing alot of things, actually. xD' I consider the last version of this story to be something of a Pilot.
May 15th, 2013
I'm really interested so far. xD Looks like this'll turn out into an awesome story. :D Can't wait for more~!
Bully-san is kinda cute though.
I'm morbidly fascinated~ :o
@lapremisa: Hmm, in that case, I guess I shouldn't direct you to Cerby's doggie groomer. U__U
Well, with how cute the face Kovak is making, she should just nom all of him in my opinion.

But she doesn't like to nom on moe, unfortunately. U__U
Finally, the Prologue chapter is over and done with.

Sorry for the long ride. Q__Q I just wanted to get some of the important stuff laid down before I moved over to the main storyline.

The art in this chapter was very inconsistent, that is because these pages are months old. I also edited some panels within the pages because I wasn't satisfied with them. xD'

Anyway, thank you to those who stuck through this arduous Prologue chapter through and through. I promise that the story will get better from here on out and that I'll do my best. >O
@SassyThePokemonLover: No, no, no, honey. You are. Just you. <3

@lapremisa: Why, thank you, thank you.


Unfortunately, I do not think Kovak would have been too thrilled about me and my bad puns. :/
Poor Kovak...

(•_•) I guess this is all just...

( •_•)>⌐■-■ Too much for him to...

(⌐■_■) Digest.

Can't wait for more. xD
@lapremisa: Awww~ thank you so much. <3 <3
This page is liable to re-upload. Needs alot of fixing. U__U
Their size difference <3