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I love to come up with silly stories =p
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I have to apologize to everyone following this comic I'm too slow on updates T_T, I can hardly find time to rest since university started, but I'll try to at least update on weekends.

Guys lol too much comments doubting Ryouma's abilities XD
he's a legit spy believe me XD, I'm kinda having him here for the cracks, unless you want something else =p

thank you everyone for your lovely comments on the previous page =>
lol guys, excuse my lousy skills in drawing monsters.
hopefully will improve along the way..... hopefully!!


@lovelessbutterfly: thank you ^^
He's actually a hunter, it's his profession. gonna get to it in the next few pages.

@HanaHime: here you go lol.
My fav page so far XP

Thanks WishingGirl, lovelessbutterfly and bluswordgrl

hmm you guys seem interested in Ryouma.
Actually I used to have a story fully dedicated to him here on SJ.
but removed it since I didn't update for two years lol, been consumed with uni.

So long story short, he's a spy and he was once caught spying on a really dangerous mafia known as the "Eye Rippers", so you can imagine the rest.
Stupid photoshop deleted some rare patterns I collected long time ago, and even ones I made myself T_T

sorry for the wait on this one!


@FallingTrust: Same here ^^

@Fangurl: thank you so much for the help, I'm not a native speaker so any corrections are really much appreciated, and I fixed it ^^
Apologies for being late, been busy and I'm gonna get more busy cuz uni starts next week T_T


@WishingGirl: thanks a lot, fixed the typo ^^

@AsianIdiot16: I actually get that a lot XD, I love Tite Kubo's style maybe I've been inspired by it.
and don't forget, being late to work automatically gives him 10%, so maybe he was late 6 times =D

@lovelessbutterfly: I know I should have researched the payment more but I just decided to base it on my country XD, this is around average payment here.

@bluswordgrl: yah I think Kira did it on purpose actually XD and thank you very much ^_^

@VyperPunk: that would have made a good turn of events too XD

@FallingTrust: yes I think that's what he's gonna do lol

@theunko: you're the second one to say that now XD
August 21st, 2012
Yay Chapter 02 cover and banner change =p


@FallingTrust: hehe thanks =>

@lovelessbutterfly: That was his original design I'm really glad to hear that ^^

@AsianIdiot16: I have to agree with you =>

@Angel: that's probably what he should have said too XD
lovelessbutterfly, bluswordgrl, nekonessa and FallingTrust thank you guys and sorry for the wait, I know I shouldn't have stopped there lol.

@bluswordgrl: I update manually but I meant like, when I upload a page, it stays labeled "today" for like 6 hours then it changes to yesterday lol, I guess it has something to do with the time zones.
August 19th, 2012
And chapter 1 finish.
I'm so excited about doing chapter 2 ~


@AsianIdiot16: It has to be his hair I guess XD
I bet there's something wrong with the days count here on SJ =/


@bluswordgrl: Thank you new fan => I hope I won't disappoint.

@FallingTrust: It's my pleasure to hear these words, thank you =>
August 17th, 2012
@lovelessbutterfly: Hold your horses he still didn't escape yet XD.. one page left till the end of this chapter!
Thank you guys this really means a lot TvT
I hope you'll like the rest of the pages too =)

In case you were looking for a more plot focused story (with pretty boys and stuff XD) then make sure to check my other webcomic =p

thanks again.


@lovelessbutterfly: That's great I hope you'll really like him when you know more =)
August 15th, 2012
@EscapeYourFate: Thank you I'm really happy you like it, I'm gonna do my best with the updates =)
@Moshee: Thank you very much =D!!

@lovelessbutterfly: Oh let me check ........... yah there's some resemblance omg XD
August 12th, 2012
FINALLY! no more drawing that time consuming outfit for the prince =w=..

@lovelessbutterfly: I bit his friends wanted to burn him alive on the spot XD
@AoiCake: Thank you very much.
yes I don't really have a dA account. I'm too lazy to keep updating an art account ^^;;;
August 11th, 2012
Sorry for the long hiatus!

@Moshee: thanks =)

@AoiCake: thank you dear, you've got one cute style I like it =>
Thanks everyone for +100 fav, I really appreciate it =>.
I'll be taking a little break from both webcomics. I need to clear my head a bit and I got a lot of things going on. but I'll be back very soon. Thanks for the support!
SomiJuli,Sentient_Simian and EscapeYourFate thank you very much =>
@EscapeYourFate: I usually read the page like 100 times before I post it.. can't believe I missed this typo!! thanks for pointing it out, gonna fix it!
Thank you YaoiPhunk, CherryJAM and perikink ^^