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I Am Awsome
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Starting the comic back up, the storys completely written now, and almost done drawing the roughs for the first chapter :P
The world is nothing but ass-wipes. Find the people who are not :D
:D this sealed the deal, im going as Hack girl to comic con this year xD
lol, poor wolfs. One time i had five wolfs, and they all died at once because three creepers and a fire-oger decided they had to wait outside my house to say hi.
I take way to long to get to making a page, I will need to redo this another day. Just gonna say a lot of pages will be crap :D
I needed to make a cover, so for now this is volume one cover :P Harmony and Nerio, mostly because theres going to be a part were its going to be like this.
I Am Awsome
November 17th, 2012
Malcolm, and hes casually smoking. THE END *DUN DUN DUN*
Thats funny.

**Also, on halloween i saw a guy in a batman costume and my friend and i screamed "ERMAGERD BERTMAN!" at him XD
lol ok :D
Normaly I just pet there face and say something creepy
I Am Awsome
October 28th, 2012
Got lazy. Probably never gonna finish this
This took forever, i kept pushing it off. Well, i think that its a pretty good creeper face for now.
Comments welcome ^__^
lol, funny.
one time for no reason i walked around with a fake mustache, cane, and bolo hat.
Just realized i forgot to draw the back of the jacket '_' ..... oh well
@Indagold: lol, nope :P
lIAR! D:
Wel heres two of the characters, Harmony and Neroi, in adventure time style.
I just love this and i wanna tell u that i saw ur pic on a site, maybe u out it there, maybe not.