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Hello~ Im Alyssa :) I like to draw(I still need some improvements)read,play AT MY COMPUTERZ!!!! hehehe Im very very lazy :D
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    Call Me Alyssa~:3
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YOU are an amazing ARTIST!!<3 HOPE you COULD finish this amazing comic <3
You are an amazing artist and good at creating stories while i still need improvements.I find your webcomic amusing and a bit of a dark twist :).Your characters are cute and awesome *A*.
(sorry for my wrong grammars).
EDIT: haha i keep editing it.
I got a question!
*A* Im confused...Whos key and whos the guy next to ein?
So CUTE!!!!!
If I were your servant minty I would HUG you so tightly.
Of course you are mint~ Love your hat <3
oh my glob!
This is so cute! ahhh~ Im so happy from reading~ *o_o* Thank you for this wonderful page~
Your Awesome Too!
Although I have never commented before but Good Luck! Also If you could publish this I would buy a million copies for myself :P
Love the picture in the last panel.:)
Awwww~ So Cute...I Just Wanna hug him..
AHAHAHAHAHA.. So poor Sunny
Aww~ that was so cute!