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I'm a comic artist who loves video games, fantasy, sci-fi, and several other geeky pursuits. My humor is semi-random. I usually have some kind of storyline in mind, but the specifics come as I go through the story.

After previous experiences with sprites being difficult and time consuming, I just pretty much decided against them. It is simply faster for me to actually draw a comic than sprite one. Don't ask. I have no idea how that works.

I have been thinking of writing a sprited filler for one of my comics, but it's coming along rather slowly. We'll see how it goes.
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    Jennifer Rogers
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Pffft! He'd probably enjoy that.
One blue alien dogboy for your amusement.
5'9" and 180 lbs

Name's in the title if my handwriting is bad.

Housebroken and might have all his shots. (I say might because I have yet to figure out how to tell.)

I will be rather amused if someone manages to teach him bad words.
I don't mind celebratory stuff occasionally, provided it is either:
a) really good
b) not breaking the flow of the comic

Authors should try to avoid pointless filler, especially if the plot is moving slowly to start with.
You know what I find odd? The fact that I've seen more drawn comics with this problem than sprited ones. Perhaps some "drawn comic advice" strips are in order?
yaoi isn't a genre, it's a type of animated/drawn porn. Porn is the Genre, and Yaoi is just a descriptor. It may not be someone's cup of tea, but that doesn't mean the fans should be subjected to these crap comics.

I don't want pointless rape that ends in victim and rapist finding "twu wub' with each other. Why does one character have to rape each other in order to show that he adores the victim? Why can't they just show affection in totally normal ways?
Now if some authors of hand drawn comics would remember this rule...
El-Oh-El on the comic.

yugi, don't be obnoxious. You asked the same question on the previous comic. If no one has answered you by now, that should tell you something.
That last panel is genius!
Sweet! That looks like it's gonna get goofy.