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i'm stupid
feelings are for pussies hahahaha xD somehow that was really funny o3o
top notch
that little f*ck... -.- and i love eevees.. ;-;
btw, i'm glad i continued your comic, it's better that ever!
@Saqui Ayinleo: Lol, I also thought that about him being the old lady XD That would have been awful eek O-O
Poor him... Poor Venus. xD
So.. he's a girl or a boy? Lol, I can't discern. xD
I love the way you draw.
Ohoh~ Nice slippers! o/
Pass should be passed. :) And, it's freaking me out that he eats that much. o.o Something's going to happen, something bad. 030
But he's cute! ..So I think you can still forgive him. :3
Second panel FTW >P
Oh my god. O_O That's one hell of a manager/boss. D:
Maybe a hearing problem? o.o
Wow, I've read a story like this again. Really like it! It's funny how they dress him like a girl most of the time. xD
Do they actually greet like that in France? XD
He would never say 'I like your bro'.. right off the start. Gotta add drama first! :'D
'Or do to you.' XD
I see a "wtf" face over there! XD
Hm, and those two things together.. It's not weird to be called both. After all, people have many sides.
PS <3 your awesome unicorn~ :'D So cute! ;3;
oh fack
Oh my
Words of wisdom! I never sat to think a bit about this. D:
Thanks. :)
Oh how I like this comic xD