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Don't mind me I'm just a professional idiot.
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Hope you feel better soon :c
Glad to see an update though!
dem stockings
that is the most beautiful bird I've ever seen. Not even kidding
nooooooooow kiss

gahhhh baaabyyyyy <3 I wanna hug Nanchi. like. forever. and ever. May I?
@Kojewki: I was born in Anchorage o3o I live down in Michigan now though
I'm doing this next time my mom tells me to go get some sun.
[also if you don't mind me asking, where in Alaska do you live?]
So happy to see you're still around!! <3 I've missed this comic so much D:

Can't wait to see updates but for now this'll do~
gah! loving this! all of my love [showers you in love]
Can't wait for the next update o3o
This is adorable <3
Pardon me while I sob.
Be nice Itztli. See what you've done? You've upset Metz.
huydjflkb GAH this is just too fucking cute!! <3 I love it so much ;u;
Climb Powder Puff! Climb! KISS YO MAN!

[been creepin' on this and your other comics all night bro. All. Night. I didn't sleep.]
January 23rd, 2013
@Quadrant: I agree.

ALSO. Love the icon xD that was a great page.
I'd be excited too. No worries. Men don't realize how much us ladies spend on this junk ._. They have it too easy >.>
I know these feels ._. I do it all the time.
damn he's cute o////o
xD those pants made me laugh way too hard
my friend and I make "LOLNOPE" jokes all the time.
Don't cry! D':
Happy New Year rukan!! <3
THIS. THIS PAGE RIGHT HERE. Is what I woke up to today. <3
Love it. Love everything about it.