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September 27th, 2017
Partially modified NASA photography used on this page.
September 27th, 2017
No superheroes. No supervillains. Just one aimless 28 year old who gets crazy superpowers from smoking magical weed... and has no idea what to do with them.

This is a comic about daily life... with superpowers.

Contains swearing, occasional sexual themes (no nudity or sexual acts, just conversation) and acts of violence against leaf blowers. Is mainly lighthearted in tone.

Updates whenever I can get them done, but I'm hoping for a new installment every three weeks at first. You can be notified of updates by following me here, on Twitter, Tapas, Tumblr or Patreon where you can get read an update in advance and in high resolution. Even $1 a month would help me out a lot!

Artist update

Hey everyone!

So what's going on here? First up: my right hand has still not healed. Argh and WTF. However! Even with the carpal tunnel in my left wrist, I can still manage a little art making. So! I've been going bonkers from not making art or comics and had an idea that I've been playing around with for a long while partially inspired by one punch man and the preposterous abilities of Superman. This idea works great for my current situation because this comic:

- Isn't 350 pages
- Is simple to draw (far less character and location design, no crowd sequences), which works as a perfect venue to practice drawing with my left hand
- Has small arcs and isn't really about plot, so won't leave people hanging for years in case I hurt my left wrist enough that I need to stop working on it.

I'd like to get back to work on the Kyoshi story but it's just more than I can handle right now, especially because I can only draw for about one hour every other day. I'm even learning to do some coloring and layout with my head tracker, but I can't draw with it.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the comic! :)
@Sudarshan Mukherjee: Thanks. I know it's been quite a while since I've updated, but that's because my hand still hasn't healed. I don't want to just cancel the comic because I want to resume work on it eventually, but I don't know when I'll be able to. I kneep on accidentally reaggravating my hand because tendons are crazy fragile when healing, as one doctor put it, about the consistency of jello.

I just don't know what to do, so for now I'm leaving it uncanceled so if my hand ever heals I still have the possibility of continuing it.

In the meantime, I'm working on a novel since I have a way to write without using my hands. I'll post about it here and on my various social media sites when it's complete (it's currently over halfway done).
@Guest: Technically there's been improvement, but it's still a long way from healed. I tried drawing with it recently and couldn't even manage 15 minutes of it. :(
I forgot I can't use my ipad at a specific angle and accidentally aggravated my hand. I was behind my normal schedule already with my left wrist problem, and now my right hand as well. Sigh.

I'm hoping it won't take longer than a month to heal. In the meantime I'll post some sketches that I already have on deviantart and tumblr like character and costume designs (the links are in the sidebar on the left).

Sorry for the delay and I'll try to get back to work as quick as I can.
@DarkFlare: Thanks! Kuruk can be a lot of fun to write when he shows up. ^^
@SUGauthor: It's a complex situation. They don't exactly hate her - angry and disappointed is a little more accurate (though I suspect that's basically what you meant). They saw that she tried to take Kyoshi's place to protect her which was brave and admirable, but from their perspective, she knew the whole time everyone was frantically trying to find Kuruk and thought she knew better than everyone what was best to do and kept it a secret even from Kyoshi's parents, which resulted in the new avatar being captured. Kyoshi's mother also just yelled that it was all her fault, hinting that there's more they don't know which puts even more blame on her shoulders, which isn't correct, but Kyoshi's mom was too upset and shocked at realizing Ming knew to realize Ming actually tried to tell them twice and Kyoshi was the one trying to keep it a secret. From experience I've found people can be quick to try to find someone to blame, and are much more likely to believe something is the fault of someone else's kid rather than their own.

So no, it wasn't Ming's fault, exactly - no one, not even Kyoshi's mom actually thinks 100% of the blame is hers, after all Tseng was the one who captured her, Chin's the one in charge of Tseng and the war wouldn't have even started if it wasn't for the earth king (not to mention it was Kyoshi who wanted to keep it a secret, though at the moment only Ming and Kyoshi are aware of that). It was more of a combination of events that she had significant influence in, the people around her think her decisions were very unwise and the outcome could have been very different if she had told people. Ming is also being hard on herself because she even thought it was a bad idea at the time but went along with it anyway.
Learned on this page that I didn't know how to draw people yelling. Turns out I draw that facial expression so intrequently I haven't learned how to do it right, so l had to look up some reference online of yelling people.

I think the expressions came out pretty well considering that, but they still aren't quite exactly what I was aiming for. Facial expressions are particularly sensitive to subtle variation of lines, which of course requires study and practice that in this case I apparently haven't put in yet. Lots to learn!
@Lenn: Er, whoops! Must've double clicked it... ^^; Glad you're enjoying it, and thanks for letting me know!
Head for the hills Ming, mavatar is PISSED

It's been a while, so here are the pages where she's remembering events from:

It's rough looking back at some of my old stuff, page 42 in particular. Gah. I really want to redraw it, but I know that isn't something I can manage, and redrawing pages is something everyone advises against too.

Doesn't stop me from wanting to, though. On the bright side, it's clear I'm improving, and it excites me to think of how much better I can get!
Thought I would try all flat greys with minimal shading this time - maybe not the best of ideas for how long it took, but for the most part I like how it turned out. Tried adding a papery texture too, I kind of like how it looks better than untextured.
I'm amazed by manga artists who can draw backgrounds with no greys and still make it look good. I've tried, but all of my attempts have looked terrible. I find making them in greyscale to be far easier, and I think they look better too.

I've been switching the amount of shading on a page by page basis, but I saw in a lot of manga they switch sometimes on a per-panel basis, and thought I'd try it out because of the background in panel two. The downside is the shaded environment didn't match the rest of the art in the panel, so I had to shade the characters too, but then that panel looked odd by itself because it doesn't match the others, which made me feel that I needed to at least shade panel three, which made me want to shade all of them, and at that point it would have taken way longer. Gah. I've got to study more manga to learn how they do it.
I was a bit snarly when I drew Kyoshi in panel four on this page. I had someone I wanted to yell at. Yay for art therapy!

...I still want to yell at the guy tho
@It: Thanks! I wouldn't have started the comic if I didn't intend to follow through with it! :)
@Guest: Thanks, I appreciate your patience!
So I've been evaluating my capabilities and have been forced to conclude that making two comics simultaneously is just not realistic with the way my hands are currently. Not only are there pages to make, but there's also costume design that needs to be done.

So at least for a while, my other comic Shards is going on hiatus (I have one more page in the queue that I'll post later). Maybe then I'll be able to get back on track with this comic schedule-wise.
Argh. Sorry this page is so late - in case you missed my update, I've developed carpal tunnel syndrome in addition to the hand problems I already had and it's hit my productivity significantly. This page having so many panels didn't help.

I'm trying for a new Kyoshi page every three weeks now instead of two. Hopefully I can keep up that pace.
Kyoshi comic on new page every three weeks schedule
Edit: So I didn't want to admit this, most of all to myself, but a while ago I started developing carpal tunnel syndrome in my left wrist (in addition to the hand problems I already had). I was hoping I could just reduce the workload and it would heal, but it's become clear that I need to reduce it more than that, and because of it, even with rushing the drawings and working seven days a week, I can't keep up the schedule my comics are on anymore. Which is why there's no new Kyoshi page today.

At least if there's an upside, I'm pretty sure the reason I developed carpal tunnel syndrome was because I tried working while laying down in bed because I can't sit long, which turned out to be unergonomic, so once it's healed I can probably avoid developing it again.

However, for now I'm going to try for a new Kyoshi page every three weeks instead of two. Hopefully I can manage that. Back to the previous page comment:

Lots of problems with this page. A while ago I tried drawing with a pencil instead of on my wacom and was surprised to notice how much more accurate my lines were. It just felt better and I had a much easier time drawing. Or so l thought. Then I drew this page with a pencil and remembered why I switched to all digital - being able to easily flip the image and move existing lines is essential for me because I'm terrible at spotting the flaws in my own artwork, and I don't have the hand endurance to finish a drawing, then come back to it later and notice it looks weird and have to redraw it.

What would really be optimal is getting a cintiq. Then I wouldn't have to struggle with the awkwardness drawing somewhere and having the lines show up somewhere else and would have all the benefits of working digitally too. If only they weren't so expensive. :/
Sorry this page is a little late, I tried something new on this page, drawing with clip studio paint's pencils rather than the pens, and it took a little more work to clean up the flat shading than I thought it would.
Kyoshi comic is back! Sorry again for the delay.