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oo... ejem... Yeah, I'm a really awkard person, but I'm really nice (or so my friends say)

I love this bands:
My chemical romance
Christina Perri
Vocaloids :)
The piano guys
Etc. etc.

I'm a orchestra (viola <3) and art student
I love manga
I loveeeeee music very much :D
I'm really random
I love RPG videogames mostly Final fantasy and Kindom hearts!!!!
I like pastel colors very much <3

I enjoy writting adventure and romance stories but in the end I think they are boring so I throw them away lol
I enjoy reading romance stories especially the mysterious ones ;)

I also like sweet stuff :O Sweet bread and cookies in general :D
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This is so beautiful!! I really admire your drawings skills.
They are so pretty and I love the story too! :D
Ouch...being hit in the face two times must hurt a lot. hehehe.