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check to see if you have bullets if you do shoot teh zomb to death if not sneak behind it and attack it w/ the sword.
Pick the apples & eat one then give the other to your slime.:):)
food look for food then feed you and your slime:)
find more food!!!!
grab the turnip and feed your slime
rub your slime with the gun to clean the gun,and then go to the pond to wash off your slime:).
Pick the carrot that's behind you
feed your slime a carrot and find more food
find PLANTS that are food
Tame the bats
Eat a couple berrie and store the rest
I want to be Cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Search for fruit trees.
look for shelter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@Stone_Merten: JOJO! Update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!