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I'm sure you'd like to find out just by reading this little description, but I'd rather you just ask.
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@Barnarnar: Or better yet recognize Ruby from the halloween party. "Hey! Nice to see you again Ruby! I love your dress!~"
December 11th, 2018
I'm trying not to laugh and look like a weirdo in class. There's like 3 different brands of humor going here, I love it!
Why the change in the name?
I'm so jealous, I'd kill for snow instead of it just being cold.
There's something about that leg in the last panel that just kills me!
Watch the hubby play video games? Either that or dedicate your entire evening to Oliver tummy rubs, I'm sure he'd love that!
James is so strange sometimes.
Sounds like my mom. She got super attached to a ghost figurine that she used to hold her keys. Now there's this ghost hanging out on the kitchen bar dressed in different things according to the holiday. I've been tasked with making a santa hat for it.
She's definitely not all right. She's the textbook definition of "not all right".
Shut up and take my money!
The clicking alone should have given something away.
The memories brought back from that fourth panel and the only thing in it is an eye. It's scarily accurate. That sheer moment of "oh god not again".
I'm not sure I want to know what happened in there....or what *didn't* happen in there.
Gah! I'm so excited! Definitely looking forward to the finished product!
November 15th, 2018
Don't do it Ever!
I am loving the mermaid panel!
@gamerkatie: Same, cuddling is nice and all but after a few minutes it's like ok you're hot let go.
That was me today, one of my dogs got out on friday night so after looking for her all that night and saturday. After she was found we both spent all sunday asleep. I still say regret nothing and sleep more!
Yay! A visual novel! I can't wait, I just know it'll be as good as the original ^_^
And then the real James walked in the door! Cue the dramatic music!
I can't help but think back to Yuki's first reaction to changing into a girl. He was panicked and had always hated being called feminine. It's just so satisfying seeing Yuki so happy with all that's happened even if it was scary at first.