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I'm sure you'd like to find out just by reading this little description, but I'd rather you just ask.
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@gamerkatie: Same, cuddling is nice and all but after a few minutes it's like ok you're hot let go.
That was me today, one of my dogs got out on friday night so after looking for her all that night and saturday. After she was found we both spent all sunday asleep. I still say regret nothing and sleep more!
Yay! A visual novel! I can't wait, I just know it'll be as good as the original ^_^
And then the real James walked in the door! Cue the dramatic music!
I can't help but think back to Yuki's first reaction to changing into a girl. He was panicked and had always hated being called feminine. It's just so satisfying seeing Yuki so happy with all that's happened even if it was scary at first.
Oh no! If my dog had her way everyone she ever met would live in one giant house and never leave.

Poor Oliver! It'll be ok!
Why do I feel like that was a come-on?
That's the worst/best feeling ever!
It's always so sad to see a project go that was so great.
I love how one of the favorite theories from the comments section ended up as one of the rumors. I'm glad it wrapped up quickly instead of having a long drawn out trial or something.
Doodle away! For a second the top left picture looked like James doing his best to be Harry Potter and a firebender at the same time.
It's not fair! They shouldn't be allowed to look that cute if they're going to be bad! Better one of Oliver, I have two of a similar breed and they love picking up their floppy ears to make me laugh when they do something bad like sock thievery.
Well they don't call them onion skins for nothing!
It'll be sad to not see the comic for awhile, but a working hiatus would only help it get better. I know what it's like to have to work without any kind of a buffer and it's miserable. Take all the time you need and come out better from it!
I have to agree
Ana has made it very hard to root for her given her reaction to Rain coming out to her. It makes me nervous as to how she'll approach the situation with Collette and whether or not this could be the beginning of a turnaround for her.

Alternatively it could also lead to a blowup from the stress of holding her secret inside and not telling anyone but Rain. Especially if everyone is accepting of Collette should she be revealed to be trans.

It reminds me of the new Will and Grace, "Is that how it is now? You all just live in a big bubble of acceptance?"
@Kotire It was a dark time, and a source of the memory gaps for me. For some reason not getting to talk about everything happening kept some details from cementing themselves. Here's hoping people can be cool.
@Zeroshark: Will you have a booth or anything at Animefest? That's the only con I go to so finding out that you will be there is super exciting!
I feel your pain!
Until now I'd never had a dog that didn't come when I called them. It's like, "don't you love me?!"

Also, really james? so mean!
And then he got punched in the face
But seriously it's a good tactic to try and talk Todd down, though it's probably unlikely to work.
I had a feeling Rudy hadn't gotten over Rain, it's been a tiny thought nagging me at the back of my mind whenever they're together. Though all that's just as complicated than what's going on now.
April 19th, 2018
Veni, vidi,vici
Is anyone else getting Doug flash backs?
That's so me, when given the opportunity I'll straight up devour a series in a few days.