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This is so me, I still mourn the loss of the best measuring cup ever (which was technically a thermos cup but it worked!)
For some reason I'm thinking peanut butter. I might just be projecting my own craving for it right now, but it looks that way to me.
@CatPerson: Oooh~ Sneaky! I like it ^_^ Thought honestly I think Ky could get away with that kind of thing if they just stated "Kylie" at the door in a super girly voice and they wouldn't ask too many questions.
Still all this has me worried!
It makes me wonder
Drew sticking his foot in his mouth yet again aside I do wonder what ky planned for that scenario. I mean with the rules for the school Drew has to take someone that presents as a girl. Yes it would be silly to expect Ky to show up as a girl if they were in boy mode on any given day, but did Ky prepare themselves for possibly having to forgo the dance entirely? Once inside it might be possible to change into boy clothes, but at least to get in Ky would have to dress and act as a girl regardless of how they felt that day if the school checks at the door.
This also makes me wonder if anything will happen that will cause issues with Rain later since she signed up for tickets as Ryan and will show up at the dance as Rain and being her girly self.Stupid religious school rules. This makes my brain hurt.
Why must it be so dramatic when I catch an update? Q_Q I really hope Jason can just adopt the kids instead of CPS taking them. I'm sure they'd prefer to hand them over to a family member instead of a stranger or foster family for who knows how long.
My mom took in a friend's kids when they had to do an investigation after one of them was in an accident. There were 6 kids but instead of CPS taking them they let my mom keep them for a week, maybe it'll be the same type of thing?
Whew! All caught up at last! Agreed Aki could totally pass as a Pokemon trainer with that hat. Then again I think that has to be a requirement of some kind for the main character to have a hat.
Regardless I'm glad the happy couple will be back to baking those sexy cookies at long last.
I was a bit sad that my side shipping of Hisawa and Aki finally crashed but it had to happen sometime. (Though a side drawing here or there would be much appreciated >.>)
Excellent work as always!
Getting all caught up now that I have the chance and I must say, if that third panel isn't a poster at some point I think I might die. ^o^
Gah! So much has happened since I read this last. The censoring, the natsu, the long distancing (hard stuff I've had to do it myself), the getting fired, the getting hired. All that and Hisawa confession too? I nearly died. I love kaidou and aki together to death but some part of me ships Hisawa and aki so very hard. The ship has sailed and sadly sunk, I'm crying with you Hisawa!
Hopefully a certain deaf boy can take your mind off of your troubles!

Hope you had fun on your vacation!
I have to say, the moment I saw her ponytail lying there my eyes widened. I actually audibly gasped when I saw a full shot of her face.
I thank you for that page. It was moving beyond words. It's the first time in a long time a story online or off has affected me so greatly.

It's a sad reminder of what I would face were I ever to admit my true orientation. However much people wanted it gone situations like this need to be seen and talked about.
At Last!!!!
By all the lights in heaven I have been waiting so long to see if this was going to get touched on. I was almost completely convinced you'd end the comic without ever bringing it up again! Huzzah!~ ^o^
That last panel has to be a poster at some point! *throws money at her screen* wait...I don't think it works like that...
Oh my O///O seems like I always play catch up with this comic when Aki and Kaidou again xD awesome as always ^^
February 8th, 2014
@LittleLynn84: I meant the baby's father, his name escapes me, emily's old boyfriend.
February 6th, 2014
Now that she's showing a little bit, I can't help but wonder. Emily's parents know about the pregnancy, right? If not it's going to get hard to hide later on...oh! Also, any chance of involving the father anytime in the future?
If her hair is anywhere near as thick and unruly as mine he'll definitely need something stronger than those brushes to get it tame. 0.0 Poor guy.Kudos to him for throwing out Dorian though >.> I dislike him already!
So much sexy Shuuhei.....can't....handle it.... *squee*
I can feel the shojo bubbles fast approaching *squee*
December 12th, 2013
Dat fourth panel~

One of the pages where I can tell how far along you've come in your drawing ability.I remember reading the first few chapters of One Rainy Day, then watching it gradually get better and better until finally we have this. The anger, the passion, the punch in the face that is sure to come! *swoon*
December 12th, 2013
Definitely Gavin and Rain, or as I like to think of them: "Ravin" ^_^
Something is going to happen >.> I can just feel it! You've got me on the edge of my seat, thank goodness your hiatus is over >.< (though it's good you finally got some rest, you be uploading a lot of pages @_@ )