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I'm just someone with too many OCs~

find me here, too:
I'm sorry ; -;
finally and 3 months late: an update. /sobs
I actually have no excuse for this, I'm sorry ; -; I need to figure a few things out before I can continue drawing on this comic. There are still a few older pages left, which means updates are possible. but I won't be able to put a page once a week (like I did before). I'll try to stick with an update twice a month.

I hope you're all well, take care! <3
summer break
hey everyone,
there won't be any updates for a few weeks, the next update will be in early September. I'm very sorry because this is a horrible scene to go on a break. /sends hugs to you all ; -;
@Naiko: attached to my story? wahh this means a lot to me, thank you! it's going to be a long story with many chapters and many many pages. <3
@JayRayne: oh I'm so glad that you like it <33 thank you

@Sheena: I have to admit that I've just read my own comic while listening to it. it fits them a lot and is quite sad ; -; /sends you a hug
@Naiko: thanks <3 and no, don't worry! it will stay BL. it's the story about Io and Saiph. but there will be many other characters appearing, for example their best friends. so it's not only about their relationship but their life as dragons in a human world. hope this clears it up a bit~
@lovelessbutterfly: <3

@jadeann: ♥ that's a great thing to hear, thank you for liking it that much!

@Myth2: maybe everything works out in the end /sends you a hug <3

@Hoshikuzu: awn glad you do ♥ thank you so much for reading!
@jade75081: ohh I see. but I can't tell you the whole plot, so just wait and see what happens next? the first chapter was just a dream since Io was unconscious (it's a metaphor for things that happened to them in the past and will happen to them soon), so right now they're actually not far from the happenings in the prologue.
@jadeann: I'm glad you do <3 thank you!

@lovelessbutterfly: that was very beautiful!

@Xenu: ; -;

@jade75081: aw sorry, mind to tell me what you don't understand? I'll try to explain it to you then~
@DevilApples: thank you, I'm glad that you like it! <3
I use deleter comic works for screentones and outlines. If you want to know more, you can ask me anytime!
@lovelessbutterfly: you always find the right words <3

@Naiko: merci for your comment, dear~ (I can't answer you in French, I'm sorry ; -; but I could understand it a bit!)
ahh, well who could this be? ( ≧Д≦)

thanks so much for your comments everyone, you're so kind <3! I'm very sorry I could not reply to them yet. I've had problems with my right hand for weeks. just so that you know, your support makes me very happy~
@Kettiko: thanks a lot <33
@That purple monster: <3 thank you, dear!

@lovelessbutterfly: he is lost indeed ; -;

@xxud1xx69: maybe it's intuition~
@Stina1996: <3 thanks a lot!
hey dears,
maybe at this point you're still really confused? I wanted to create a weird atmosphere, because with this you could interpret things that will happen later in different ways. so I'd be happy if you'd still stick with me for a while, because it's going to be a very long story.
the next chapter is explaining their real situation.

thanks a lot for reading! ♥
@Scarce Rose: <3 /sends a hug

@lovelessbutterfly: your words make me really happy and I'm very touched by the fact that you spend time to comment every page and even want to do a poem. wahh~ /hides tears
the first chapter was quite metaphoric, so I'm not sure if the second and following chapters can be as inspiring for a poem? but I'm looking forward to every little thing you write, thank you so much! ♥

@janka: ♥♥♥
@lovelessbutterfly: I should hire you for texting awn <3

@Scarce Rose: ; -; let me hug you~

@xenu: I wish I could upload all pages at once, but I can't. asdf
@Xenu: wah all them feels. /hugs

@lovelessbutterfly: I love your comments, thank you! <3

@naachi: omg hi natsch ; -; ich hab noch einige seiten auf vorrat~

@JayRayne: I'm so glad to hear that, thank you very much for reading! hope you'll stay for a while <3
@jadeann: so glad that you like it~!

@lovelessbutterfly: <3

@Rynny: no worries, I can understand that! it must be very confusing right now ; -; all I can say is that it's going to be a very long story and things reveal slowly. so thank you for giving it a chance! <3