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@Aran: thanks! it's honestly the main reason why I draw this comic. To improve both art and writing :)
@Guest: Fixed! Thank you so much for pointing it out
@theboxmonkeyboy: lmao i was thinking about that, but no. The symbol for men and women's bathrooms are nidoran male and female if you look closely. So the pink one would be the men's one. Feels weird.
November 27th, 2017
open one of the top ones by making a staircase of open file drawers
@Maverick_Mentation: the horror! Im sorry you had to witness consistency in this comic!
@theboxmonkeyboy: Hey! thanks! dawn got that spotlight and blessed it with her beautiful faces :^)
@Maverick_Mentation: yeah and thus this comic can no longer exist. comic's cancelled guys
I have returned beautiful readers, sorry this took two months, i was really not feeling the art juices.
@Guest: hi again! It's been fixed. Thanks for telling me.
@Guest: hi! thanks for telling me i will fix this tomorrow first thing in the morning. sorry!
sorry this one took longer than usual, got caught up in irl stuff and then i couldnt draw anymore but im getting back from it
@danv.2: that is a good question ;) we might know or we might not either way it isnt too important