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@Maverick_Mentation: well if you liked that, check out the next page for "BIG SIPPY"
@Boboscar: That's great! Thank you so much for taking your time to read my comic! I will continue to do my best :)
@Aidan: Lmao ninja arc incoming my dude. Thank you so much!
@JJic: It will depend on the needs of the team. At this point in the game I probably replaced either venusaur or diglady to train fattybomb a bit and use him in the next gym. I will show that once it happens :^)
@JJic: One piece is one of my biggest inspirations so i would lie if i denied this lmao
@MEBBAR: We've seen that character extensively ;) I don't blame you for not remembering details on a comic that updates so rarely though lul
@Guest: Ivysaur was stated to be a female since as early as chapter 22: ter-22-page-1/

As for why the evolved pokemon look different, I dunno how familiar you're with nuzlockes but they usuall take a lot of artistic freedom with the source material (the pokemon series in this case). In my version of this world, they haven't evolved in a weird way, they're simply different in order to give them a bigger sense of individuality so they stand out. Pidgeot/Ruttigger already had short hair as a pidgeotto, so it barely got any longer as pidgeot.

The idea of giving venusaur different flowers than their usual one is not a new one, there's many fanarts of different venusaur flower variations, an idea which I liked and applied here.

There's only one exception to all this, which is Explo/Electrode, he used mechanical attachments prior to evolving and he fused with them upon evolving. He's the only odd one out here as far as my comic's world goes.

I hope this clears things out, basically it's just me taking artistic freedom with the source material.
@That1Geek: ahaha the nuzlocke is very much still going, just you wait. Thanks!
@Guest: sorry to hear that. it loads fine for me, i suggest refreshing a few times, or you can read it here in my DA: 4549036
@krems: thank you so much for spending your time reading my comic and I'm so glad you've enjoyed it, it always feels great to hear the hard work is paying off. Thank you!