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@AidanTheNzulocker: it's all good, wouldn't want the comic to be too serious either. besides, a worthy villain must sport an equally evil nose!
@Nuzlocke : I understand it's messy especially at the beginning, as most of the stuff wasn't planned until around page 20.

That being said, what's wrong with trying to spin things around even if it's a Blue Nuzlocke? Surely if you've read more nuzlockes you'd have seen crazier things for sure.

Feel free to let me know what's so chaotic and doesn't make sense about this comic, I'm glad to answer any doubts and I could use any specific feedback. Thanks!
Just caught up on this comic, and I gotta say I'm interested to see where this goes! There's definitely a nice charm to it that I would like to continue seeing develop. Great job!
@Miyto: I can't get into the details as it's about to happen in the next few pages. But, while this is part of what generated a very toxic mindset for him, shaping him into the flawed person he is now, something else will happen that will further get things into motion for him to chase his dream of training pokemon. It will all be shown in the next pages/chapters. Thanks!
@Miyto: ohh damn, I hope she's doing better now!!
@Miyto: Thanks for the feedback!! I have definitely been considering reading a book or something, as well as exercise, I will definitely get to either soon. Thank you!
@Bluemonkey: Thank you so much!! I really appreciate the support :)
So, I'm not sure where to begin with this... I really am sorry that it took me so long to update again, and that it's such a short page. If you want to know why, here's why:

My health hasn't been so good lately, I've been suffering through multiple anxiety attacks over long periods of time. It feels awful, like you're going to die any second, and doing things that I should enjoy such as sitting down to draw my comic, or even play games I like causes me stress and I'm kinda at my wits end, if I'm honest with you guys. I can't take this anymore and I'm seeking more help than what I already got, which wasn't enough. Still, I wanted to pull through and return to updating with at least a short page a week, I should be able to do that much, right? I don't know myself, and that scares me. Sorry to be a downer here, but I feel i am in a pretty dark point of my life right now and this comic is the only thing that I still want to do regardless. For myself, and for all the people that stick with it.

Thank you for all the support, I will do my best to return next week with another page. I'll try my hardest, as much as my health allows.
@krems: Thank you so much!! I'm so chuffed it's been two weeks since i said I would update more often but i was unable to. Next time i will update more for real....
Sorry for the long wait! I should update more frequently again now.
@Maverick_Mentation: well if you liked that, check out the next page for "BIG SIPPY"
@Boboscar: That's great! Thank you so much for taking your time to read my comic! I will continue to do my best :)
@Aidan: Lmao ninja arc incoming my dude. Thank you so much!
@JJic: It will depend on the needs of the team. At this point in the game I probably replaced either venusaur or diglady to train fattybomb a bit and use him in the next gym. I will show that once it happens :^)
@JJic: One piece is one of my biggest inspirations so i would lie if i denied this lmao