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@Guest: hi again! It's been fixed. Thanks for telling me.
@Guest: hi! thanks for telling me i will fix this tomorrow first thing in the morning. sorry!
sorry this one took longer than usual, got caught up in irl stuff and then i couldnt draw anymore but im getting back from it
@danv.2: that is a good question ;) we might know or we might not either way it isnt too important
I will be taking a week break so i can write and sketch the next chapter, so no update next week. Stay tuned!
@FinalFanatic: jutopa won't be able to handle that level 80 pikachu tbh
@Guest: ohhh thanks, i'll get around to fix any typos when i can
Stay tuned for the conclusion of this chapter's introduction!
@WetPaint: haha precisely! Take whatever side you want, we will see plenty of both Jutopa and Gary in the upcoming pages