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I like many different things that will take to long to write. I'm pretty much open minded about a lot of stuff as long as it doesn't get to crazy. I love comics, books, and the human imagination.
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    Nicole Tarango
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I love the change! I can't wait the new chapter.
WTF 0__o;
Huh? well what do you know. I was just thinking why nobody's been asking about that girl too.
July 30th, 2012
Can't stop!
It's so cute! I can't stop giggling! I feel like i'm about to have a nosebleed! XD
@lovelessbutterfly: yes! That would be so cute! also i slammed my head to the desk cuz my friends thought it would be a fun way to wake me up after history. asses T^T
yay! my first comment ever! i'm new here and i love your comic already! also what's Ophire hairstyle called? I always thought it was cute but I never knew what it was. can you tell me?