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Judging how Muggers reacted to discovering her being a third generation, I can only imagine how a whole group of older generations would react at her presence. I'm not expecting a delightful reaction out of this.

Also, out of curiosity, are there any rat hybrids?
Dang. Beheaded /and/ shot full of holes.
Even though we want to hear “I want to go back”, it’s also good that she can feel good about the idea that William can be okay without her, that they aren’t just using one another as a crutch to avoid their own unique struggles.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

But still.
I'm a tad bit lost as to why the random bits in her office are lighting up. I was trying to connect them somehow, but when I saw the cabinet's handles light up I was almost certain they were just random.
Meowth taught himself to talk. It took quite some time, but he managed.
Now /there's/ the /real/ question. Will he?
Oh my god the FEELS, man. The FEELS!
; _;
She seems younger than Fel and has more fur. Unless Fel shaves her body and only leaves a thin layer behind, which could be true considering a tiger's skin also has stripes. I'm not sure, but Pawsy definitely looks furrier.
The love I have for your style is immense. <3
Looks like a scar to me. Maybe burns?
I can empathize with your sentiment there, Zimeta. From my early childhood years and up until about seventeen years of age, my siblings and I were succumbed to a long series of emotional and mental abuse from our own mother. The family tried to protect us, but there was only so much they could do without physical damage to our bodies and our mother had a fantastic way of manipulating her way back into the household. Our father tried to get her help, too. The abuse became a normal occurrence, a part of our growth, and it was our normal. It wasn’t until she tried to take my life not just once but twice that she was finally removed from the household and sent to prison.

For years afterward, we had the hardest time adjusting. It wasn’t normal for us anymore. The best way to describe it was that we were waiting for that shoe to fall. For mother to return to the home as she always did. For the yelling, the abuse, and the uncertainties to begin once more. In a way, we didn’t want that change. We didn’t want the house so empty. It was scary – scarier than her actually being there. We wanted our monster back for the security of knowing it was there, but we knew that wasn’t healthy. In time, we didn’t anticipate that shoe to fall.

We had our lives back.

…Eeehhh, sorry for rambling on about my life. This page just really speaks to me. Granted, I never served in any wars and I would never actually compare my petty inconveniences with a soldier’s nightmares. It’s just that we all have our monsters. Sometimes, though, we don’t want to – or can’t – let them go.
Goodness, that hybrid appears to have much more animal content than the other hybrids we have seen so far. I wonder if that means anything? If she an older model? Newer? Was this intentional? Is there a purpose? So many questions!

I love this comic so much.

Is she a coyote?
Scott looks like a vulnerable lamb in the sights of the big, bad wolf, haha.

I'm finally making a comment! I've been lurking, reading, and enjoying this wonderful comic. I absolutely love your style.
The more I read this comic, the more I think of Jacob's Ladder or Session 9. Trippy~
I’ll bet he did. They seem to have a very close relationship, almost grandmother/grandson type relationship, and her being there to bake goodies or even prepare him meals doesn’t seem out of place. Or she very well could have just walked in after him and that be perfectly normal for the same reason as mentioned, haha.
What better friend than one you can literally live off of?
You have quite the thought provoking comic! It’s tastefully realistic and I’ve really been enjoying it.

I cannot help but ponder, though. If the mother is so sure their daughter won’t remember him then what is the harm in letting her see him still? It honestly just sounds like the mother doesn't want William around.
Haha, I don’t think he’s giving up at all. He’s merely picking and choosing his battles, and right now this battle is best left alone. What more can he say to persuade the mother otherwise than to allow their daughter to show them herself? They don’t realize what William has introduced into their daughter’s life and that happens to be the opportunity to use her mind rather than enabling her disability and coddling her. The dog tags are an object of great importance to her and she has already proven that with a single object of interest she can use it to recall important matters and /remember/.

I believe Sonia will astound her parents by asking to bid William farewell and she will reveal how it was she was able to remember, but I am not optimistic in the parents’ reaction to this. I am only basing my claims on assumptions, but her parents seem to have given up hope of their daughter blending into society as a normal, functioning adult and have taken to raising her as she is just fine. I don’t see them adjusting to the change and the idea that their daughter could continue to strengthen her ability to remember and perhaps even begin to develop a sense of independence or even decide that she wants to do more with her life than live at home with them. They seem the protective type that wants to shield her from the world because she is their special baby.

I hope I am wrong, of course. I hope the parents see their daughter remembering William as a strong foot in the right direction. I hope they want for her to continue strengthening her mind, even if they do happen to move away still from William. I hope they do what is right for their daughter and not what is convenient for them or what makes them feel more secure.