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Super Bluey
wassup bishes its yo man supra bluey


Er, I'm just some dumb Brazilian kid that likes to do sprites, videos, and all that stuff. If you want, you can check my YouTube channel:

And my Twitter:
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yeah i'm not very good in the action, speech bubble and effects department but oh well
there's not much cool and flash stuff happening with them so i guess there's your justification for this lazy looking page
cool the golden treasure chest from terraria
but first we need to talk about parallel universes
don't worry troops, ducks can't cook
good review

@EXFalchion: nevermind
i was under the impression that you were talking about the invitation
@EXFalchion: I've already seen the message.

And no I don't use Skype. My Discord is Soup or Bluey 2749#2049.
cool she has an italian parasol
because fictional characters always give the best ideas
Ironically, even though I admittedly wasn't the brightest of people back then, I actually had the decency of not making any hate comics toward you, which in my opinion is a great bonus lmao
reminds me of my dog

How long have I been gone

It's been centuries since I've last read this comic
is this the nutshack
The Adventures Of Squished Waddle Dee And His Pet Bird's comic cover must look beyond awesome.