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For a moment I misunderstood the last panel as that huge splash being his own tears
@Annabeld: OMG i didn't do it because...i dont actually remember. im gonna think it was "a TRUE fan would never put a strain on page load times..."
what if i commented here everyday and made this page Really Long
so i just finished rereading mr.factory and plastic kings and annabeld i missssss uuuuuuuuuuuu
> Throw Pepsi at Zarrus.
> Try to open metal door.
what the flim flam booper snooper is up with this psychologist
I love how in that last panel you almost literally take her under your wing.
@TouhouShake: In game, Pokemon cannot use man-made items, such as potions, on their own.
> Start digging. Make sure that the dirt you are flinging into the air lands on Pepsi.
> Ask Pepsi if has any cool weapons with him. His dad's a zillionaire after all.
> Do the tango with Riskfan.
This isn't really relevant to this page, but I just noticed that the title of this comic isn't "This is a journal comic" it's "Never trust a duck."
I love milk, but the school milk is gross, and doesn't even come in awesome juice-box form like in this comic.