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Comment on 20 of Plastic Kings
SassyThePokemonLover, 22 Jul 2014 03:06 pm
It looks like Craft's hands aren't tied up anymore.
Comment on 170 - Route 16 of Trainer Wants to Fight!
SassyThePokemonLover, 22 Jul 2014 03:03 pm
If he had brought a backpack then this wouldn't have happened.

Or maybe he could carry the bike with his teeth, he looks strong enough.
Comment on 19 of Plastic Kings
SassyThePokemonLover, 19 Jul 2014 01:09 am
Nooooo! This guy is my favorite character Why did you do this to him? ;n;

At least we know where he is...
Comment on 15 of Plastic Kings
SassyThePokemonLover, 16 Jul 2014 02:28 am
@Annabeld: Oh like, if they fished her out of the magic lake thingy or not.

That's a funny image really.
Comment on 15 of Plastic Kings
SassyThePokemonLover, 16 Jul 2014 02:13 am
They kind of implied that you were from the magic lake thingy, I don't see the problem here.
Comment on Chapter 5 Pg 93 of Socks Mittens and Scarfs
SassyThePokemonLover, 14 Jul 2014 07:54 pm
@Mr Xvious: I meant that she could say she was drunk when she was playing the game, because then it wouldn't be a total lie. That IS a good cover up though.
Comment on Chapter 5 Pg 93 of Socks Mittens and Scarfs
SassyThePokemonLover, 14 Jul 2014 02:01 am
She could just say she was drunk at the time if anyone asks about it later.
Comment on Irish/American Conversion of Gamer Cafe
SassyThePokemonLover, 11 Jul 2014 09:50 pm
The American system is stupid. There are 12 inches in a foot, 3 feet in a yard, and 1,760 yards in a mile.

Why they expect elementary students to know this is beyond me.
Comment on 10 of Plastic Kings
SassyThePokemonLover, 09 Jul 2014 03:02 pm
@Annabeld: I'm starting to doubt that.
Comment on 12 of Plastic Kings
SassyThePokemonLover, 09 Jul 2014 03:01 pm
The 4th panel reminds of this one time on the school bus, this boy said something like, "If you pull a girl's hair, they cry!" And then he tried to demonstrate by pulling my hair, and I think I just got ticked off and slapped him.

He never touched my hair again.

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