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what if i commented here everyday and made this page Really Long
so i just finished rereading mr.factory and plastic kings and annabeld i missssss uuuuuuuuuuuu
> Throw Pepsi at Zarrus.
> Try to open metal door.
what the flim flam booper snooper is up with this psychologist
I love how in that last panel you almost literally take her under your wing.
@TouhouShake: In game, Pokemon cannot use man-made items, such as potions, on their own.
> Start digging. Make sure that the dirt you are flinging into the air lands on Pepsi.
> Ask Pepsi if has any cool weapons with him. His dad's a zillionaire after all.
> Do the tango with Riskfan.
This isn't really relevant to this page, but I just noticed that the title of this comic isn't "This is a journal comic" it's "Never trust a duck."
I love milk, but the school milk is gross, and doesn't even come in awesome juice-box form like in this comic.
@Annabeld: This, this is just beautiful.
I remember one time I was sleeping over at my friend's house, and I was worried that I was waking her up what with my crashing to the wall several times (we were in sleeping bags on the floor), and whacking her in face with my arm. In the morning we had said to each other that we had a good night's sleep without disturbance, other than worrying we were disturbing the other. haha