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I'm the coolest, Un emo, emo you'll ever meet. (mainly cause I'm not emo but I am Emotional which is different if you catch me)

I enjoy Post-punk music, indie and hardcore.

oh and I skate, and draw.
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    Luke Keyes
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I'm still learning ths coloring shit, give me a break... jeesh XD
Evolving again)
yup... I'm going through one of those stages... Soon I'm hoping to include cell shaded objects and stuff sorta like ghost in the Shell Stand alone complex.

lets hope for the best I guess... or agleast more readers ^_^
Oh your on smackjeeves to?! well I saw your website and have been reading your comic ever since ^^ its been afew months... I thought about e-mailing you then realized how lazy I was and I wouldn't have anything to say. hmmm... I mine as well say this... I love the snow ^^. keep up the awsome work!
Typo! sorry folks I just caught that >_<

umm thanks to anyone who reads or glances at this comic, means alot to me really ^^
"Shoot first and ask questions later"

perhaps one of my most favorite lines right there :P

ha! was the first to say it ^^

very interesting story so far. Good art as well
Yeah... sorry, I'm very busy working on my website aswell as a Mechwarrior - Battletech comic.
Not many people know how to draw action well.

You'v become one of my favorite artist. wonderful work.
I don't really wanna say much cause I'm sure you'v heard it all before XD

Love you sketch style it flows really nicely,

I would recomend however just drawing the words and the text bubbles and such, It would suit your style alot more. (course thats coming from someone who sucks so you don't have to listen to me)

awsome comic, I'll be keeping an eye on you.
I wonder who that person in the corner is...

oh just so yall know I'm doing this story totally from the top of my head...

there is some structure but generally I wanna keep really open till about chapter 4, from then on after I'v set the background the story actully starts kicking in.

(not to say the story isn't starting already cause it has...)

bah, I suck >_<
Its a cliff hanger... you'll see what happens soon enough.
I work at a diner called Mama Mia...
I am Emotional ^^

(another one of my many net names :)
Bah, no one reads this anyway >_>
ooooh wait a minute I didn't! ^^

In the second panel his phone is ringing but he can't find it (cause it musta slipped under the seats (use your imagination)

anyways, in the last panel he catchs site of his phone and in the next comic you'll see what he does ^^
You coming back bud?
I feel yah bud, after christmas I got roped into the hard task of getting a "real" job and have neglected to update my webcomic >_< it angers me to, cause alot of my friends are like Where's the update?!

anyways, best of luck
Well sir.. I will give you a five cause I like the comic and I hate bad raters >_<