I love pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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As previously stated, hype time.
@DracheLehre: Oh shite, this be hypey.
Auto with a bazooka. Tis is amazing.
Oh shite, this bout to get sexy.
@WiispNightmare What are these beans you speak of? All I know are gummis.
@Guest: Yes, I believe he is one of the seven sages.
Oh shite, shites getting real.
This. I like this page.
A person did this ontop of my head when I was using the tray to rest my head. Almost banged his chair before they moved their chair up.
Better reveal than anything in E3.
@PJSam Hindsight 20/20 man.
@Pharaoh Man eh. Don't worry about it. I prefer slow progress over you just stopping out right.
This going be dope af.
The bloody nose.
They just gotta fusion dance. Problem solved.
Why can't I art like this.
Eh, I'm used to waiting. Just keep waiting.
There is only one explanation. Lan just straight savage.