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I love pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Le gasp. Shock much, such reveal.
Commence travel montage intermission?
Just found this, I'm hype as all. Makes me want to get back into Warriors. Everything looks amazing, though there's a few grammar errors here and there. Keep it up!
There is totally not going to be banging later.
@DracheLehre: Yeah, my real thought was that it wasn't going to end well for White-Out, since no stab, glaceon not really a physical attacker, etc.
@Shadow_Da_Hedgie: You could say they activated their,"Trap Card."
Actually, I can't remember. What was Last Resort's base damage? Like 120 right?
As previously stated, hype time.
Auto with a bazooka. Tis is amazing.
Oh shite, this bout to get sexy.
@WiispNightmare What are these beans you speak of? All I know are gummis.
@Guest: Yes, I believe he is one of the seven sages.
Oh shite, shites getting real.