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I love to draw, sing, dance, I love reading yaoi, I am Bisexual, I love my dirty blond hair and hazel eyes and will never dye my hair.
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@Storm CycleI would have gone with bothered by whom somebody loves. they don't just fuck, but the fact that they are in love bothers some people like..said mothers. :/ silly world.
@Crimson Chains: Aww this is so sad, and something I could TOTTALY see happening in real life! because some people just can't accept things. (something unrelated, like my singing teacher telling me two girls singing in a music video was gross thus I said nothing to him. made me very sad being bi my self :I )
The metal thing looks scary..can't wait to see what it is!
@Tatsuchan18: I am so glad your back, I REALLY like this comic and just cant find another like it!! ^//^ so happy to see ur okay now. I hope all stays well!
@BadBanana: i miss this comic ;,;
Welcome back!<3 can't wait for more
I can't wait for the next page!!!

Its sooo preeeeeettttyyyy<3
omg omg omg omg i love your art! and i hope theres more
YAYAYA update! love the comic! and yaya first comment! -rubs eyes- i so sleepy x3 -starts to camp out-
@DaughterOfOwls: For some reson i can't see the page at all :<
Tetris???? are they playing tetris? lol if so that would make me smile i love tetris.
Hope your back soon love your comic~<3
reflection in the window.. theirs normal a window behind the sink no? well that how it is at home where i am x3 if not i vote for boner poke.
roman setting?
:OOO fast up dates! wee fun fun!
@Tatsuchan18: yayyaayay more up dates maybe? love love love this page looks like it will be lots of fun.
@Tatsuchan18: EEEK got so existed to see an update! i love love love this comic! keep up the good work!
@Cyao: were do u roleplay? :3