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I forgot to add this n, but would you like a week-long trial of each option? Tell me below!
Sorry, not updating fixing chapters.
I'm working on getting the Prologue straight and getting page 2 together.
Oops. Came out after 4:00 PM Eastern Time...
Texting with Coming Soon
YAY! I'M BACK ON TRACK! Any questions?
Hey Hey Hey
Meow. Hey you guys.
Sorting My Chapters!
I cannot remember where I got them from, but I often use Drawn to Life, and my resource is: I commonly look under DS, or search for games and Sheets. If have any more questions ask Fluff Waddle Dee you can find his account on the comic page, or just PM me.
@.Jenix.: Thanks, I like your username. Where's it from?
I'm sorry for not posting, I'll try to get 3 comics in this month. I understand it is difficult to view my comics because of chapters, however, if you put in the extra effort, I'd really appreciate it!
I'm upset to say I didn't get the outside of my house up, so That'll come soon, as will all the other sprite sheets. =( You all are forgetting my news posts are blog posts! So I'll set a few questions in my news every week! =)
October 26th, 2012
Dude, I love this comic. I understand the whole not updating thing. I love this comic toooooo much to leave!
October 12th, 2012
I absoulutely love the art. It is the most interesting and mesmerizing thing I've ever seen in my entire life. The plot, the plot is killing me. I need more.
It doesn't have my house, bed, animals, etc. yet, but that's why it's unmodiied. I figured I'd post this so you'd have something to look at and now I haven't dissapeared forever of the face of Jeeves. I'll delete this one and upload the full one later. Enjoy.
Recoloring... it's why I stopped spriting. Its not easy.
You cook chocolate chip waffles for a robot in an app with a pot? Epic with two ks dude.
Coolicles dude. Great spriting.
What's that book called, TO MAKE SURE I NEVER LET MYSELF READ IT, or any family members!!!