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south park. music. animals. drawing. that's about it. haha
just give us more micheal and it'll be alright!
holy cowpies i want to lay michael down and raaaaaaaape
oh god i lawed so hard
aw paris *o*
the things i would do to that boy
xin + 4th panel = fap fap fap
wow. ... he's hot
my new wallpaper is kickin some mighty fine tail
bo's kissy face hahaha i love it
paris has many fans because he has sexy hair
that's all

i mean it's okay if we get more AK and Bo action
i'd sooo tap that boy >:0
4th panel = win
if you make a forum...
i will create heaps of paris fanart and whore it all over said forum. ;]
hhahah the 'PFT' is BEST
omg please let him tap that >:0
paris = hottie with a body!!!!

nom nom nom
damn that's hot ;]
October 16th, 2007


train >:]
awww mannn :C