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Yay. : )

Yes, super excited. Another thing to look forward to after work.

I did wonder about that first panel. Glad you already noticed, wouldn't want to start nitpicking.... or was it called constructive critic?

Yeah. I'll be all alone at work tomorrow with 12 people who I'll be in charge of... that's not even allowed since I'm not a real employee. : D

This is where I complain about my life. Hope you don't mind too much. If so, tell mee.
The comment on story part was very short for a comment on a story. ; D My thought processes are kind of convoluted, and I often expect people to know what I'm talking about. They don't. :' D

I'm done with the 1st playthrough, a bit over 90 % of the Compendium, I think. Haven't started on the 2nd yet. I'll have to use a guide for the SLs, because I didn't get them all the first time. It was a lot of fun, and now I'm just waiting for a lot of free time. : D

How nice that you have friends who're interested in the same sort of games... I only have one to trade pokemon with. xD

What else do you play? And oh, there's a new page. : )
December 19th, 2012
Yeah, that's awesome.
I'd love to work my butt off and still get next to no money.

I can't really talk - I'm doing a... voluntary social year? : D Yay for direct translations that make minimal sense and sound ridiculous. I'm working a full time job for 300€ a month.

Lucky I still live at home. :'D

Ok, question time:

How often have you beaten P4G? Did you complete the compendium already? (The search function's, like, awesome.)

But... Why 4 jobs? D:

I haven't played since Saturday, and only a few hours... mabe 2. : ( Feels like I wasn't home at all since then.

Now seems like the perfect time, so- Persona time!

But first,

Comment on story time! : D

Karen's dad is cute. I'd want to marry one of his kids : D

Why so short?!
December 14th, 2012
Karen's so understanding! :3

Woo. : D Is it Saturday at your place already? I just got off work. Not going to have much time to mayself this weekend... two nights of going out, and the rest... christmas presents.

Streetlight Manifesto is.. a movie?

And now my little persona corner. ; )

I dated Ai, too... but that one resolved itself. It wasn't anythign serious anyway. : D I think you can get SL reversals, because praying at the shrine can also reverse such a reversal. Or so it said when it was introduced, iirc.

I wish you the best of luck on your second playthrough- and that you don't get caught. Wonder what'll happen on Christmas Eve then?

I actually like Marie. She's just so socially awkward, she's hilarious.

Oh, and did you manage to complete all the SLs? And the compendium?
I hope it is...
... a portal to the meat dimension, I always wanted to see one. : ) (For some years now, at least.)
December 12th, 2012
Big news-
But all good things must come to an end.

I'm kind of excited for you because this is a big step. One that'll take you a few years. ; )

On another note, who likes the Brian side of their grandkids..?

And because I cannot post a comment without at least referencing Persona 4: Golden - I left an answer on the previous page. : D
December 12th, 2012
Oh, another page. Just a moment... : D
@ErrePi: It won't ruin your life - believe it... or don't.

Well, I played P3P before P4G arrived in the mail. : D Now it's on hold until I'm done with that. I chose the female route because I know the male one from P3FES. Now that I think about it, I haven't played Aigis route yet.

I remember that about my childhood, too. I fear I missed the best snow. 20 cm! I saw a photo of a man-high snowman. Well, girl-high, anyway. It's a very warm winter, really. It started really late (last week, that is), and this is the first time it's gotten below -2 or 3. What's your thermometer say?

I see you used your time wisely. I think I'm playing through this game more slowly than the original, maybe because of the added events? How many hours did it take you to get almost to the end?

Thanks for not spoiling. : )

I haven't dated anyone yet - turns out Yumi loved me although I was only friendly to her - or so I think. : D I turned her down though. I never tried dating more than one person in any persona game, so... can you break up here? I know I dated what's her name.. the music club girl. Ayane? : D And then I wanted to date another girl but I didn't know how to break up and didn't want to chance a SL reversal.

Woo, long sentence.

Oh, and Naoto just vanished but I haven't seen him on the Midnight channel yet. (Love how spoiler-free that sentence is, lol. Wonder who I'm keeping it like that for?)
December 11th, 2012
Oh -
Maybe I should also say sth about your comic. : D

Still enjoying it here - I can understand the lack of updates, though. You've got better things to do. ; )

I really enjoy the flashbacks, though. I like the main story and hoq it just flows along, but to look into their past, when all was happy and whole - it's sth else. : )
December 11th, 2012
... of course you should keep playing P4G. These games are best played in one go. Which is why I should start P3P again when I finish it. : D I only ever played it in parts, with pauses in between.

I've just come back from a holiday (it snowed where I live - I'm so excited! : D It's supposed to be -10 degrees Celsius tonight, and then it'll go up to 10 sometime this week, which I'm not happy about. : ( ) where I played P4G like 5 hrs a day. It was wonderful and I'm already over 50 hrs. : D Just beat the 8-bit dungeon today after some grinding!

I listened to you and chose the hard difficulty. I only had to grind for the castle and this last one, the rest was surprisingly easy. It's ridiculously easy to level in this game... I don't remember it being that easy..?

It's definitely easier leveling your personas after fusing them. It was next to impossible in P$, but now with the new cards when shuffling. Especially the emperor and the on that lvls up your skills are really useful.

I'm guessing you're now farther than the 8-bit dungeon? It's just after the summer festival for me.

That's a lot of text, so please write a lot, too! ; D

And please ignore any mistakes in grammer or spelling, I don't have time to check for them - it's bear time!
November 30th, 2012
Mushrooms are great! : D Just have to hope they're eatable.

On another note, P4G arrived in the mail on Wednesday. Today, my vita arrived, too. So happy! : )

Have to go to a Christmas staff party (?) soon, so I don't want to risk being late, but after that... It's going to be a long night. : )

How far along are you in the game? Gotta be a few months if Kanji's already around.
November 22nd, 2012
P4 Golden
I'm still waiting for it to get here - I live in the EU, but I pre-ordered the US version... from Canada, I think? So it'll be another two weeks or so.

I can hardly wait. I'm also getting a PS Vita for this... it'll be like an early Christmas present for myself. : D

Hope you have fun, and please don't spoiler too much (or anything) of the new stuff in the comments. : )
P4A rules! (probably)
So your comment about P4A inspired me to leave a comment. That's good, isn't it? I hope you talk some more of it. I pre-ordered it when it was still supposed to come out in early October I think (here in Germany), but then they postponed. Until December.

Shouldn't think too much on it, as it always makes me angry... D:

Aside from that, probably oughzt to tell you how much I adore this comic. I think you can tell by the fact that I've come this far? Love how casually they're all behaving in this post-apocalyptic setting.

Anyway, onwards! :D
Hi! Hope you still read the comments you get here. I'm commenting here because I actually have an account on sj. :)

Oh, and I have a question.

This comic's one of my most favourite, and I'd love a physical copy. Before I get to that, though, I wanted to ask you about shipping costs. I know it says on your indiegogo page that shipping is included in the donations - is that shipping worldwide, oder limited to some countries? If it makes a difference, I live in Germany.

That's one thing I really need to clarify before I give you all my money. ;) Thanks in advance!
August 9th, 2012
Your handwriting's not at all hard to read. I like the look of this comic. Your sketches aren't too rough either. :)

It seems it'll be a cute story.