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I'm just a guy with too much time on his hands.
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Wait, I thought they named each other... Did they just happen to choose the right name using Jedi tricks?
I actually was in a situation that I got volunteered to do something because I sneezed or something. That was retarded.
Lots of words. Not that funny but needed to be said to wrap up the arc so i'm not repentant.
Yeah, I already knew what he was going to say, but I couldn't fit it in two panels and get a punchline in, so I stalled for the next day... I think...

It is entirely possible that I had no idea what was going to happen next.
Oh har har, Author is lazy. What an original and not beaten to death idea. I mean, this is a sprite comic. Who would have thought someone putting so much effort to copy and paste sprites from sprite sheets would be actually really lazy.

If you didn't guess that was sarcasm and that joke is stupid. If you laughed at it you should cry yourself to sleep tonight.
Yeah, no one said anything about the new look so I decided to throw this comic in. I'm sure people noticed, they just didn't give a shit. Sonic characters are very hard to make original designs for simply because they're so simple. And being the non artist that I am, couldn't do much, so I just decided to make small edits that didn't take much time to do, so I can make a sprite sheet really quickly when I needed a particular pose.
My temperment, or lack thereof, is pretty legendary in my old highschool group of friends and my new college group of friends. People can say whatever the hell they want to me and I'd just laugh along with them. I take jokes as they are meant to be taken, not seriously, and so I can laugh at just about anything thats not rape or death.

This is also why all my punchlines suck because I laugh at anything, so I think all my punchlines are funny.
I had a new sprite all lined up when I started this arc, but I stopped it before it was ever revealed, and I don't think I acutally finished it. Speaking of which, I'd better fix it(Totally not going to fix it).
Thus, the Knux fight comes to an end. I kinda wish there was more senseless fighting, but with sprites, its very limited what you can do anyway, so I guess its for the best.

And someone guessed this ending, though it has nothing to do with Daniel's powers, jsut that the plan worked.
I ruined a great dramatic scene by adding a stupid south park reference. Also, fun fact, Tommy actually did smack Daniel when he found out that Daniel's dog was put to sleep. It was kinda irrational of him in my opinion considering this was all done without Daniels knowledge, and it wasn't like they went to the animal shelter and said, "Kill this dog, we don't like it anymore."

It was, "Hey this dog is kinda annoying, can you see if someone else can take care of it." and any animal shelter's policy is that the dog gets put to sleep after a set period of time if no one takes care of it.

Tommy is unrepentant though, even after I explained all this to him.
Now, I'm not 100% sure why he said what he said in the third panel. I don't think he's ever made it a point to tell me he was against suicide, and if he was ever at the point of contemplating suicide,I don't think that particular value would get in the way. Not that he is suicidal at all. I'm pretty sure the first panel really is what he would have said at that time.
Man, you don't know how many people were like, "He's not in denial if he says he's in denial" or some stupid poo poo like that. Its called irony people!
Yeah, This is why Tommy feels misrepresented. Frankly, I didn't, and still don't, care.
Lol Falcon Punch. In Brawl thats the only thing I do with Falcon. As you can probably guess, I suck with Falcon.
My favorite super of any fighting game ever, second only to shoryu-reppa. For the record, Ken only has three supers, and the best super is the Shippu Jinrai Kyaku.(if this isn't the real name, its pretty darn close) Shoryu reppa is second best, but like, if Jinrai Kyaku is given an A+, Shoryureppa would get a D, and the only reason why its second best is because Shinryuken is a F.
Gratuitous use of powers? Yes.
I felt I had to point this out. I had no plan at all at the time what I was going to do afterward.
This is not 100% true, but he's pretty damn good at everything he's played.
I really had fun with Daniel's power. Its such an open ended power as long as it leads to a joke, regardless of how crappy the joke is. He doesn't even have to be the butt of the joke, in fact, I made it so he takes advantage of it.
I should've named this "Big rock" or something, but I felt I needed to keep the liquid container theme naming going, even though the next page breaks the convention altogether.