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Aww, how sweet of Dil.
Hope I'll get both simultaneously, as I added the reprint afterwards (and it had to be processed as a separate order)
September 25th, 2018
I have more doubt about that they'd use a suicide kick to force open the door, than them yelling 'Search warrant'.
Pun intended
Aww, Feather-weight!
August 18th, 2017
Never heard the word "arraign" before.

Thanks for making me look it up, learned something new today.
Doc Rat?
Or rather, nurse rat?

(Her ears tell me it's a rat rather than a mouse)
... did Neko just hint that keNo should sock it?
Must comment...

RE: Madame de Bolivar's Ye Olde Red Light Erotic Waffle Shoppe
My first thoughts about that shop...
... would buy one, if sold.