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Kitsune Risuma
Shiizumi Valé - Finding my place among the internet, now, and forever.
I'm a fan of a few franchises, like Homestuck, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Pokemon (and Nintendo, mostly), League of Legends, and I also watch anime, a list of which is on under the name Savath.
My avatar is Beleth and he belongs to the Ianua Team, go search them up, they're on here.
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That last panel makes him look really sad despite the lack of facial expression.
Auuuggg the Clefairys .-.
The demented wall of them. It's really really really creepy.
Beautiful as always ;D
No eyes. Atty is too good for those.
So that's who that is. Okay.
And now we also know how unimportant Grimsby is.
I'll just ignore the possibilities of what is happening and say it's a nice page. Yep.
@Lesser Key Studios: lol, can't wait for it!
...Well I CAN wait, but whatever.
Stingy. And, yes, hide the book with Belleth in it in a bookshelf so you'll forget where it is later. Genius.
Doesn't everyone say that kind of stuff nowadays?
Oh, and I like Holy's comics...They have their own style. And she always looks so casual in her comics, which makes it funnier. :D
Aww, he noticed. D:
On the contrary, I do productive things when I'm not bored. I get bored easily though...
Oh well, maybe something else interesting will happen. :D
Nooooo... He spoke something. The surprise is ruined.
(prays that Grimsby didn't notice)
Hah, Janus, you left Beleth in the book. He probably doesn't appreciate it much. Should do something about it. Maybe. Hm.
I love this comic. I love this comic.
Janus is adorable.
Actually, everyone is adorable in a weird sort of way.
Heheheheh, Beleth is a bookmark now. Heh.
Adorable, even with inanimate objects. Oo, and if this isn't time skipped from the last chapter, then maybe Janus can pretend to be mute and everything will be awkwardly hilarious. :3
Edit: Oh, and after looking twice, Janus almost looks like a brooding school boy in the first panel, but he doesn't...because he's Janus. :P
Pretty. ._.
I haven't been commenting since Smackjeeves likes to log me out even when I tell it not too.
Uh, yep that's really nifty stuff there.
That whatever thing Beleth turned into was really pretty too.
Nice new comic panel, as well. :D
@Lesser Key Studios: OH MY GOSH GRIMSBY, yessss! :D
Well, at least I don't have to speak Latin, because the moment I do, I will inevitably end up pronouncing everything wrong, what with the long/short vowels and the C's being K's and the blah blah blah.
Beleth was adorable even on #48, Pg. 15 (the one with the table leg), which is really weird, because he was all grumpy and Demon-y. :l
Beleth is adorable.
Ah, so, wait, are all -i's in Latin pronounced like -j's. . .but then some things would sound weird? Waitm I forgot it's Latin, and, like English, it's pronunciations of things are really screwed up. Wondeful. Cur? Cur, Latina, currrrrr?
Darn, hoping for something more interesting then that little bit there, but I suppose I don't get to laugh at peoples' expression.
Nice art, as always, and I am waiting for more~
-Ego comicam (perhaps?) amo eaque est optima!
(Uh, "I love the comic and it is the best" was my intention, but my First Year Latin lacks some Pronoun memorization, nor do I know if there is a Latin word for "comic" so I made one up.)
-SKR, long reviews are a favorite of mine.
Money. I want it.
Man, everyone is going to be so confused soon. :D I'm waiting for it.
Waiting until he talks. :3
Arg, so well drawn. >.<
I wonder how that guy pronounced the squiggle.
Great art, as always.
Who knew that really posh-looking parties could be so rowdy. :P
Keep your hand on the left side wall!
I was so freaked out when this was updated last time. I almost thought it was a haitus notice. (Whew~)
Wait, translation?
@Ninja Kitten XP - I-is that Neku? :O
Panel Three, George's face looks like this: 0.0
Even I knew it was officer Jenny, and I've seen her once. (Woe is me, I haven't seen much)