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Heh, Al in the last panel. A hint of the awkwardness to come when the other hybrids will surely question why Fel protected him & why he's been brought to their lair XD
Diggin' the visuals here :D

But uh, hitted isn't a word yo! Past tense of the word hit is still hit, so it should say "She hit on Fel's boy toy." :0
Woo animayshun
Also, the look on Alexandra's face is perfect for getting across the "evil superbitch" personality.
The more you know.
@Supergamesniper9: If smackjeeves had a function where you could tag people, I would have you tagged as "Knows his shit." Unless you's a lady, in which case it would be "Knows her shit" yeah, props for you as well :3

Or maybe "Bothers to look stuff up for people"
Dang, Green had to listen to the entirety of Fel & Al's story in one sitting. I guess she didnt have a choice, but still, I cant even make it through most movies without having to wizz. Props.

Props to you too, Kenno. Whatever props means:I
Part of me wishes this was colored so I could follow it a bit easier, but then I'd feel like a selfish fan. Besides, this style lends itself well to action. Hot dayumn Fel's a badass.
And in that week or two, both Fel and Mugger have the chance to think about how to salvage what friendship they have left with each other...I hope :L
I guess Green thinks that Al, Fel and Mugger are up to something? If that's so I hope she get's informed & up to speed about what's really going on and offers Muggs shelter. Gonna introduce more plot-essential hybrids? :D
How will they explain to Bonny why Mugger isn't there anymore?
Napkin...and blue pen...and you still manage to express so damn well. Oh Mugger :c
Kenno,you just plain fukken rock. I hope you're doing better.

PS How long did it take to draw all of it? :o
A look into Fel's psyche?
Pretty deep that we get to find out how Fel has felt. Raised to be an efficient tool of war, feeling no regret or guilt. But now in love with Al and (at that time) feeling doubt; wanting to make him feel the same way she feels by trying to validate her humanity, DAYUMN. The panel where she see's that psuedo uncanny valley tiger face in the mirror really sticks. How I've always felt about the hybrids is that they aren't sub-human; they aren't LESS than, but that they are extra-human. That they have everything that is intrinsic to living as a human (self-awarness, empathy, all the same emotions, yadda yadda yadda) ,but with kick ass animal traits and super fitness and all that :I
Cant help but think of Vice City when I hear this song; effing radio.

[Insert obligatory praise for Kenno here]
The current arc makes me feel like this:
In the best possible way.
The way it's worded is just "MMPH", right in the emotion-spot.
Must. Keep. Votin'.