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Well, V-chan aka Valendra is currently focusing on graduating from college. She deleted all her old webcomics since they were more dead then crazy zombie rabbits. She'll be back sometime in the future, hopefully within a year. Check her deviantart gallery for more details....... yes, she speaks in third person although it's not her habit.
Ah! Where is the tag band on Kae's wrist? O__O;;
September 17th, 2012
Oh WOW!! Been a while since I last checked your comic, reading a whole chapter felt nice. And the pages look really great.
I'm not sure what you concluded to do with Majesty, but I've seen your "remake" design a year ago almost, or was it more?<< And I remember that I really liked them. You'll have higher chance to get it published if you remake comic. It's a shame to see you're not using your all potential, I'd like to see the remake =) But choice is upto you ^^
October 21st, 2008
Well, personally I was wondering how Majesta would solve this love problem of hers rather than Takke's "poorness". =P
First though, she should decide whether she has feelings for Takke or not, she doesn't reveal much at all 'cause she sounds so confused most of the time =_= I2m waiting for the day she finally sits down to decide how she is feeling =P
Ok, here is what I think. Until you fix your gender problem(which isn't really a problem in my head because either truffles is a boy or girl(girl sounds cuter X3) story is so cute to abondon :3), you could just excuse their youth for the gender problem XD I'm not sure what age you set for them but they look young, like around 12-14.... Even if truffles is a girl maybe she's growing... slow? <.< or if it's a boy it's ok even... of sorts? so even if truffles is a girl then her body won't grow much feminine for a while and everyone will be happy?? z.z I have no idea about it's personality so I'm not sure whatever I say will occur with the story, maybe truff could be a tomboy(if it's a girl) or a girly boy (if it's a boy)..... and now I really feel like I'm repeating your theories x__X;;;;;
Oh, also you could leave it genderless or perhaps it's a mystery to every character so when you finally decide truff's gender you can make the cute thing announce it =P Leaving it genderless would be such a pain and sad D:
I guess I'm begining to sound bossy and I have no right for that ^^;

But whatever you do, Unnatural order is a cute one and both way it's cute, I don't mind XD
God... you really draw fast T__T
I'm still 3 chapters behind... Puruuu..... *whine* But now midterms are over, perhaps I can catch up with you XD Oh, any news from scholarship in Japan? =D
Honestly I prefer this page's style to next page. It looks really pretty :3 Looking too glossy and shoujo X3 I know this isn't shoujo but it's my first love and I can't ressist pretty things X3

Keep up good work :3
Waving around a sword to imaginary enemies? yeah, that sounds pathetic XD But suits Nihm =D
I used to read pern series at high school and they left such sweet memories for me. It was a nice feeling of nostalgia I had while reading your manga :) So cheers for you!! Plus, dragons are my first love in world of mythical creatures =D I guess that's why I took that book back then from the bookstore :3 (Dragon Song was the first book I've read from series, and it's still dear to me)
Keep new pages coming! 'w' <3
I'm totally in luv with your style *w* These recent pages are gorgeous, thanks to tonning and cool new characters :3

And you're so young!!! >_< I'm jealous! ~T^T
Yay! New comic from you! =D
Lost arms, angsty, bloodshed... yay! <3
Finally I could read all!! Now I'm really curious about what will happen. I really enjoyed and will follow each update more loyally! =)
It's been a while since I read your comic. And I had to stop here to comment on the cover page because it looks fantastic! Colors are so vivid yet not disturbing eye. Good one =)
Oooo, new characters. I liked this page a lot! =) Lots of details and that girl is really pretty<3 *likes wavy haired girls*
Yay! =D

I always loved this piece <3
Nice page ^^ I want to be able to do pages on computer, but i don't have a tablet, so it takes so much time ^^; Good job though ;)
I don't have time at the moment, but this is a definite fav+ to be read in future ^^

It's sea!! =D Water is my favourite element ^^ <3
OMG!!! This is awesome!! Why didn't i notice this comic before? XDDDDD
Wah! So emotional!! T^T