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Oh well... Second account (first being MR sonicrouge) cuz I can. Im an average spriter a good comic maker and a bad story writer... Anyway Im not continuing any of my old comics except Family buisnes and i will also continue Kwanes hunter whatever comic... I think thats all. Tutles.

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racoon mouse?
January 29th, 2013
@Bre Ishurna the Wolf: its not copying YOU when its already done
Hey guys i leave you this comic.... Take care of it
Why hasnt anyone made an eggman eggnob joke before... Gosh dang i love this XD
This is our christmas special. Lazy story, quickly made cuz I have to make so many sprite presents. Tune in in an hour with the next update (Trying to use "Add Multiple Pages")
@Jerdude14487: the real one to feel sory for is the guy who shot. So poor aim
sory to bother you but could you do him?
I feel like being a gramar nazi. Its "why does he HAVE to die"
Anyways as always C+C is acceptable
Well in the internet mostly
Well in my country they actualy do PX.... He is about 13-15
Well for anyone that doesnt get it his wardrobe broke and his plushie and pokeball fell out... he doesnt like admiting he likes things that other people find "childish".
@Lugbzurg: its still like that here
you get a cookie... only one though... all the others are mine
Bonus points for everyone who knows the mistery dead person
Hint: You have seen the person
Ok then... post YOUR opinions (i dont know what kind of you will have with that kind of question) down belooooow. So yea...
@d&t: aka you are a godmoding anoying character
I will give it a try right now