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Two nerds. One Comic. Updates are not an option.
I'll be making a tumblr soon to post art and poots.
November 2nd, 2016

Also, I've uploaded Burgandy to Tapastic!The layout is pretty nice and I can keep all the old comics here.
I'll still upload on both.
October 31st, 2016
Happy Anniversary to Burgandy!
And also Happy Halloween to everyone!
Here's preciousboyâ„¢ ready for his new life.
October 18th, 2016
Here we gooOOoOoooOO.

Also, I'm going to be deleting all the old pages but they will be linked at the top of the page so you can all still read them!
September 20th, 2016
I read all of this within an hour ; O ;
This is such a cute story. I can't wait to read more!
Keep up the good work!! : )
September 19th, 2016
Hope you guys are ready for an all new Burgandy.
New faces, new problems, same shitty humor.
See you guys soon.
Hmmmm I may not be psychic but I do see more Burgandy in your future ; ) thanks for sticking with us!
Here's some Sam and Kyle being huge dorks haha
They either won a costume contest or were kicked out of class...or both...
You guysssssss <3 <3 <3
It's been three years since Blake and I started Burgandy on here!
After those three long years and almost 200 fans, I'm officially rebooting the comic!
I'll be busy with work and other things but I really am committed to getting this moving!
Thank you to everyone who has been here along the way!! I hope you enjoy the renewed version! : D
September 22nd, 2015
This is the cutest comic <3 You and Lewis are adorable!!
I just died goodbye this is all too cute
@Erena: Haha thanks!! B1A4 is life tbh
d ; O ; b
Oh my gosh I just stumbled across this. Never let this die please. It's super cute! I can't wait for the next page :- )
@DrDisaster: Haha thanks so much!! ; 3 ;
Reasons for a REBOOT!
Hi guys!
It's been a long time! Blake and I finally graduated! It's all pretty exciting and now we're "adults". Because I'm not starting college until the winter term, I thought I would take this time to work on the comic.
I've been thinking about rebooting for a long time now. I've told Blake countless times over the years that I wanted to revamp the comic and make it better but I never got around to doing it. Now that we're done with school, I'll have a lot more free time. Because I won't be doing anything really productive for the next hmmmm 8 or so months, I will have to get a job so I can drive and not mooch off my parents forever.
Anyway, about the comic!
When Blake and I started this, it didn't really have a solid plan I guess? We were in junior high when this was created so forgive us.
I think now I have a pretty good direction of where I want to go with it so I'm going to do my best to update as regularly as possible and make a story that's readable and fun!
So thanks to everyone who has stuck with us until now! I hope you enjoy the new story!
February 7th, 2015
a bunch of awkward high schoolers
Shhshshshhhshshh technically I'm not supposed to be drawing since I'm grounded ha I'm a loser who still gets grounded excuse me
Lazy update time with bad coloring and weird faces
Happy New Year!
I hope everyone had a fun and safe night!
I figured I'd celebrate with a quick update :)
Here's a little lying Sam. Tsk tsk.
EDIT: I changed Zack's eyes because they were weird hahahah
@Puppet-Mother: ahhhhHHHhhHH <3 thanks!!
/laughs until I cry/ I got a new software and I'm makin this shit so anime kawaii don't judge me