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December 14th, 2017
FUCK KIAN he doesn't deserve cover privileges after what he did to our baby boi ;-;;;;
Butt pirates
Its because they hunt and ravage booty
Alright question... why in the world do you not have a patreon account going on? I have NEVER pledged any sort of money on patreon but this story is so good and cute and you update SO MUCH, I feel obligated and I want to give you love. (In monetary form but still. Love.)
I cant wait for his roots to grow out ommggggg I've literally been lowkey fooling myself into thinking his hair has been getting longer and im so ahhhh i am exciting myself xD
I reeeaaalllyyy want him to get all territorial and needy omffff
Im kinda pissed at Joa for being so lowkey dickish. Like BISH DYLAN IS BEING SUPER ADORBS AND TRYING ON YOUR JACKET AND SHIT CUZ HE REALLY LIKES YOU AND YET YOUR JUST COMIN UP IN HERE BEING ALL grrrr why you wearing my jacket, offense aggresion grrr you cant have grrrr give blood now dont care like awe at least give dylan some little acknowledgement towards how much he likes you anx how cute that was
Psttttt ... (((i looked at your patreon and there's a typo in the last paragraph. It says 2107 instead of 2017))))) ;u;
January 6th, 2017
That third frame with jamies fringe sweeped back? That fucking killed me. He's so fucking cute and young looking in it he's so dapper i just cant breath ugh frick omf so cute kms
Yeah thats my issue too, i had blood work done and we found out i had extremely low vitamin D levels (which is like the sun stuffs) and it makes you super sleepy if you dont have enough of it. Maybe try taking some vitamins every day? :) see if you feel better~ it took about a week of the pills every morning when i wake up for me to feel a difference btw so it takes a little time
@Lul-la: Idk if that wink wonk is a typo or not but i dont even care i fucking love that. for reals imma starting sayin wink wonk. its finna be a thing.
August 5th, 2016
@FanDork @Just A
"Red velvet cupcake and chocolate chip cookie"????? Wwhhhhaaattttt //scrolling up// no wa- ...Fuck.
I feel like there should be a "power bottom" option on the poll. Like i feel like a lot of people would pick that one for either hiro or takashi. Idk but i feel like that one would be popular too
Tfw my boyfriends name is Charles and I only just now realized cuz i call him Chaz instead of Charles. But I recently pulled out the full CHARLES JAMES MIZELLE THAT IS ENOUGH YOU STOP IT RIGHT NOW, so like lmao coincidences
UGH BUT I WANT RUPERT AND EVAN TO CANON SO HARD GOD THERED BE SO MUCH ANGST ITD KILL ME BUT ID LOVE IT UGH. Damnnnnn //sad child is sad atm// //trying to get over it cuz im probably the only one that ships them xD//
@amanduur: I used to be in percussion and this may sound strange but like try keeping your wrist inside part facing up instead of like having your thumb up and wrist face in. Like if the inside of your wrist is facing down more than up and out it can move better. Its best if you find your happy medium like im generally 3/4 face down and like a smidge face up, sorta at a really small angle. Idk. Just try different angle to help out your wrist. And rest your thumbs... Lol
Aayyeee nerd lyfe ftw. Its 2am for me and im about to sleep but i had to check my favorites for updates before i sleep and jeez im so glad i did *^*

Also it'd be so great if at some point some overly protective sibling comes in to screw everything up, like those older or younger sisters everyone hates cuz they secretly manipulate all the main characters attention. Or maybe a pervy aunt who like ships them hardcore at causes trouble.
Oh if that idea doesn't work out then how about a visit to hero-kuns house for once instead of always takashi's place? Maybe have takashi discover some complex of hero-kuns like make his room all girly or full of mirrors for his narcissistic needs or smth and omfg im rambling im sorry im just gonna post this before i reget writing anything at all
December 15th, 2015
@YukixKaname1: same like aoba is SUCH TRASH. but i love him anyway...
So much ;-;
I ship kai x aoba so hard ;A;

Omg. Kai x Aoba = Kaiba. KAIBA FOR LYFE OP
@Lilac_cat: lmao get rekt towel op 2k15