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Novice nooby with not much to offer but a strong will to try her best (>w<)b
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What made you think he wouldn't bite??
I keep looking at that top panel and keep thinking "Shush, everything's gunna be alright, babe. Come, cry into my bosom"...
So sweet
No HOT pockets for you
Omg... best... line... ever XD
I think my kitten believes his toy mice are real and tried to rip there guts out. It's kinda funny but I'm glad they're just toys...
Your art is so cute! I just love it >w<
@Glow Cloud (almighty): Can I get a PLEASE on that making out thing??
SON OF A BI-beeeeeeeeeep-
It's required? OAO
Lol, how exactly is this far fetched
@Supernaturalsarah18: I second you on that shipping dream >w<
Wallis?! OAO.... baby looks good in black =A=
@Geniusguy445: Heh, thank you ^-^, your example was very helpful.
Looking for an Artist who can Follow a Script
What I need:
Because my art style is only good for figure drawing, I need someone who will be able to draw images according to a layout script but also able to contribute ideas for the story.
What I want to create:
Genre- horror, supernatural, humor
Style- Kodomo manga style
Digital or Traditional- I would prefer digital but I'm not picky when it comes to this.
Length- Concerning length... I am a bit of a free spirit when it comes to this.
Right-left or Left-right- R=>L
Medium- uploaded on Smackjeeves
Controversial topics- blood and gore and strong language as well as suggested sexual themes. Possibly drugs as well.
Timelines and deadlines- Nothing solid, I like to flow with the tides.
Contact information-
How often do you expect pages prepared for uploading? - I would lie to update weekly or biweekly, though this is most definitely up for discussion
Website setup involvement- I would love some help in this department.
When the Midnight Moon Rises' Plot:
A young groundskeeper notices one night that there is a mysterious woman who wanders the cemetery after midnight. When he calls out to her, she never answers. When he attempts to follow her, she disappears. She constantly eludes him night after night with little luck of ever finding her before morning. One night, as he searches for her again, he finds that she had found him instead. After showing her interests in the young lad, she takes his life before taking his body away. After a process of dismantling and stitching back together, he is brought back to life. It is explained to the newly revived lad that the woman is a young necromancer in training and that she would like to enlist him into helping her in her studies/collection in which she desires of him to seek, murder and retrieve those with wicked hearts.
(The imaged used is the necromancer's character design, though not drawn in the desired style as it was more to show what she would look like overall)

Hope to hear from you soon ^-^
you know when my cat stares at me like that, it means he's going to bite and scratch
Aw~ sleeping beauty woken with a kiss
wow... wallis is not only nice but can look charming too O.O
WAAHHHHH!! I'm missing all the Halloween Action!
October 18th, 2013
Heheh, I should have know this was made by you, angel. Your art style is unmistakable.
September 18th, 2013
It is/was my Daddy's birthday too, that makes to special birthdays XD
Keep up the good work (^-^)b