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@SWSU-Master: There were some really big hints she would win, but most time she was in danger, but she made to the final, so it was really obvious, we just had to wait to see her win
I always knew she would win
it can only be 6-2, 5-3 or 4-4
Ivan -Liz
Mac - Jojo
Diego- will fail at making it a tie
Stagg- Liz
Desmond- Liz (most likely)
Liz has a better shot at winning
Pretty Solid both of their speeches, can't wait to see what Prussia has to say about those two she doesn't look happy :I
Mac will vote for Jojo
Stagg will vote for Liz
Eveeyone else will be random
That was great, it was totally worth the wait
@SWSU-Master: This is the funniest Tribal Council you have ever made, it's perfect
@coolkyledude: Deal with it lol
Lol Jake was a Troll, I am not so sure why Desmond decided to stick with the girls I mean, that's just plain stupid, unless Jojo wons final immunity, they won't take Desmond to the end, I mean they pretty much already won the season
@Congo: maybe it like that tribal on sfc7 where they voted out Quadratic and had a challenge and another tribal but still counted as the same tribal due to a tiebreaker, so we migth get a tiebreaker, just saying lol
It's a final 3, Desmond got it all wrong
Desmond's idea of the final three will leavr him at third, I mean if those two make it to the final two either will win, but both of them will get part of the money so yeah
Finally, I can't believe she actually left and unless next episode Stagg loses immunity I can't see any other possible scenario where one of the Twins leave
OMG something we didn't know would happen, nah jk we all knew they were going to get visitors
If Stagg wins immunity, it will go for at least to final 5, if not one more vote