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Don Quixotes
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@IceAngelRae: AND-A HAI WOOD WALK FIVE HUN...wrong song. Shit.
I'd say he really crosses into dickishness territory if he comments or tells on what he reads. If she thinks her thoughts, and Malloy doesn't repeat these thoughts OR lets them get read off him, no harm no this case. There's worse things to pry from somebody's head, after all.
Well then.
That's a hell of a way to just end a Pleasant Afternoon Conversation.
This seems like a complete personality 180 on Spectacle, does he have something against Mind mages or Abyss-touched?
@burningtyger: Issues with your keyboard there, champ?
That brings up an interesting point. Is there any limit to the more mundane debaucheries if you've got literal magic Sober-Ups and Cure All's at your disposal? Pushing the human body well past expiration, just to enjoy that highest high? Cancer, or at least the build up of toxins and pollutants that cause it, doesn't seem to be an issue.
Looks like they'll never have Paris.
He had to think about if he pissed off the mob? Not the fact he was unsure, but that there is some kind of secret chess cabal that fixes matches or something is...pretty hilarious, really.
@Arukoir: It's lighter on this page than the last, it seems.
@burningtyger: It is a bit of a Dirty Sanchez 'stache, I must agree.
Enter mystery character?
"Who else but Quagmi-err, Thatcher?"
Can saying "Called it" and "Told you so" ever really express how satisfying it is...?

Oh what the heck, I called it! I told you so!
@shylarah: While that might explain why he was off on his own and thus able to get grabbed to begin with, I think they're going to be pissing themselves laughing at the Clever Ruse they just pulled off inside. After some slapping, maybe.
Oh hot damn this is some tabloid gold. Somebody call The Sun!
Wow, ok, r00d
Dang Billy, if we didn't know it was sort of an act I'd say that you were 100% arsehole.
Billy does it for the ApplesauceImean Applause.
So the REAL question is, what's his first name? It starts with an O, but what could it be?

Or could it be, could it be, that the About page is joking with me...
@ChibiSilverWings: Yeah, the in-panel progression doesn't go on to the next page.
@blutwurstisms: How about your life as you know it, your freedom, and your head at any moment if you displease Master?