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Ha! I feel sorry for Liam; he has no clue what's going on. XD
Edit: 0.0 First comment, FTW!
Finally! *sigh* This page is so shojo, but I love it! XD
Well, that was kind of... random, then. XD
August 17th, 2007
I just found this, and so far it's really cute. With how well you draw, you don't need dialogue! ^-^
Yay! Two updates! Well, get some good sleep and good luck with that AP English assignment.
Oh no, they're probably going to think Charon is a hot substitute... Poor him. XD
Wow. I just found this, and was surprised to find that I've actually read this fic! You've been doing a really good job. Keep it up! XD
ZOMG, first comment!! ^-^
Uh-oh. He must have done something to the duckies to make AK so irritated! D:
Random Topic
I just noticed this: the principal dude never opens his eyes! O.O
Wow, that would be a horrible last name for a substitute to try to pronounce... XD Perfect!
Run Idara, RUN! XD
^_____^ He's so pretty! *-* Can't wait for a new page.
Ha ha ha, Roxas thinks he's crazy. Join us Roxas!
Name her something that is something like "Beauty". Disney used Belle, which is beautiful in French, so you could use Isabella, and have her nickname be bella, which I'm pretty sure is beautiful in Italian. But good luck with this comic, cause I'm obsessed with Beauty and the Beast also! XD
Wow, that is an awesome cat. I like your art style. ^-^
I like your art, though the handwritten parts are a bit hard to read. The plot seems interesting so far, so please update soon! I can't wait. ^-^