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People I know not need not know. My friends, few and far between as they be, become aware of my quirks soon enough and I learn theirs. And friendship that grows is typically less artificial because of limited pre-existing knowledge.

Also please, just call me 'Scryer'. Shadow sounds pretentious.
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Oh dear.
I can think of only one place she's going to use that grip on. And I don't think I'll ever be able to uncurl.
@DarkmasterN: A dangerous way to be, especially when lacking context.

Oh dear, just realised Keiko's entire family sans Remi is a bunch of utter numpties. Keiko included due to her... odd way of thinking and incapability of applying logic.
@DarkmasterN: Well to be fair, there are very few times when Laila ISN'T adorable. Partially due to her appearance, partially because Human culture's still so alien to her. And of course, there are her mannerisms when she isn't being psychotic.
Never actually saw this cover, but it's quite impressive on its own for the level of detail you were already capable of back then, and comparing it to how you've improved over the years.

Also, it's interesting to see Laila with blueish-purple skin. Keep forgetting her pigment isn't even close to that of a human.
@Althalus: Nah, that's a set of predator mandibles.
@Althalus: So this is what would've happened if Mr. Welch was permitted to make that character. Appropriate, really.

#17. Collateral Damage Man is not an appropriate name for a super hero.
And does doctor dumbass know what mutated cells are called?

Who wants to bet this elven imbecile will be stupid enough to try threatening God again?
I'm going to assume he said that in a comically high 'Chipmunk' voice.
… In hindsight, it makes perfect sense that Chaos'd completely change his anatomy.

Actually, the wizard's inability to do anything makes things even funnier.
Considering the ponce insulted Steve's sister, I'm surprised said Drow had the self control to not flay him right then and there.
It've been hilarious if he ran into the OTHER giant, flightless Aussie bird.
Oh, so we did learn what happened to her. A shame really, every other ninja looked the same.
Seriously! Where did this girl go?! Did Sally successfully kill her? Did she disappear into the ether? What happened?! Were we told?! Am I going insane?! Probably!
I'm not sure if she's asking if he really has to stab the wizard of if he has to revive him.

Once again curious if anyone removed the wig and nose Chaos put on him.
@Guest: I really wish it was(were?) possible to favourite comments like this one.
He's right y'know. I learned it was a bad idea when I walked headfirst into a tree.

Just goes to show how stupid this bloody elf is if he got to however old he is and still hasn't figured it out.
That wouldn't happen to be the same prat Steve was forced to save the life of all that time ago, would it?
Oh, this should be fun. Especially if no-one bothered to clean up Chaos' little adjustments to the twit.
Okay. Exactly how did the usurper manage to take their throne, outside assistance or otherwise?