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never ceases to surprise
at first I thought kids were gonna visit, or maybe he was gonna move furniture or idk SOMEthing. when he revealed the real reason was to protect me from my clumsy ways I just... while it's sweet to be so (over)protected, it's also slightly creepy in the sense that he's more my father than my father. xD just CAN'T believe it, who would ever childproof furniture for their grown-ass spouse?!
I just remembered, years later, why I was standing like that. I saw the zara mannequin with hands like that in stores, and when I went home I tried to copy it out of curiosity. How would a normal body feel like holding that pose? etc.
this one's by him!
he always draws me these sweet and powerful comics in christmas cards, birthday cards, etc. they often make me tear up. so he decided to make one for silliest putty! ...this one also made my eyes get watery. >_< it's never bye-bye.
the evolution of the nickname
best part is, he had to call HIMSELF a "big dumbdumb" because he lost a bet. ha! I also had to call myself a little dumbdumb later on... but that was for another bet, and it was after, so it doesn't count as much.
My hand
My hand is like a mobile phone or something. Can't drop it!
Been a while, still happily married! Too busy adulting to update as much, but will try harder in 2017!
word for word
not even paraphrasing, word for word.
Madly, right.
you just don't SAY things like that on a Monday morning with a bounce and a smile. it's not normal.
Maybe someone somewhere has his phone and is wondering what the hell that recording means.
my suffering, my agony... all for his spectacle. a sick sick man is he. =_=

apologies for the hiatus, work's been busy! will try to keep up more often, I married a silly guy.
but seriously who does that
he actually managed to get one of them on without waking me. I... am not a light sleeper.
@CrazzyCookies: sorry, privacy issues. reverse image search would put our real names out there, don't want stalkers... >__<
afterwards we laughed like hyenas. very immature hyenas.
@Helix_luco: he HATES strawberries. like worst food ever. I think he hates them because they're so "girly" or something. =_= he can't stand the color, smell, taste, or feel of them! hahaha

@MomotheGreat: thanks mate! pretty happy all the time. xD
his first pink toothbrush! yay
you may have noticed the addition of a watermark at the bottom! yesss I registered a domain. exciting. I'm going to go back and slowly add watermarks to every page so it's all profeshunal(ish). in other news, can you believe this guy?? leaves me speechless all the time. his amount of trolling, too damn high!
happy valentine's day!
"blanket genie". what goes on in his little head, I'd like to know!
in the end, we ended up not getting it, but only because the sales lady was completely rude, unhelpful, and condescending. don't think I'll ever be going back!
he's really something...
...else. I don't think he can ever be romantic with a straight face. u_____u
@Elizabethxo: this started long before we were married... OTL