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I write art and draw plots for fun.
it's not my job to judge who you have an affair with but i'm going to anyway
sometimes it's important to ignore whatever bullshit comes out of your friend's mouth
Yes, this is a reference to Russia's officially licensed Super Mario 7, known internationally as 7 GRAND DAD.
there's nothing wrong with your friend wanting to beat you violently into taking off your stupid hat and shaving your moustache except for the whole assault and battery thing
I immediately stopped after reading Gaston's line to Lefou and thought: If Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why does he keep doing it?

I want to go to my nearest Taco Bell now, mostly because it's a KFC.
Dev comment: It's Barnold that's brain damaged. Not Fred. No matter how much you wish it wasn't true, Fred is the smart one. Somehow.

What happened to Pebblistachio anyway?
@Merrsharr: Yeah seems that it's FRI... for the password.
remember, kids, stage 26 skin cancer is not a joke, and if you have it, well, you're probably not reading this comic so my warning falls on deaf ears
it's very nice when the day has something interesting to offer like the end of all reality as we know it or real estate flyers from someone that looks like they spend most of the day in a tanning salon and have several different kinds of skin cancer as a result
when you suffer from second degree burns don't rub broken glass and glitter into it for that is a waste of broken glass and glitter you could have sent that to starving african children
we've been blessing her behind your back to make her the strongest
oh darn someone shut off the ozone layer again
@00Stevo: The number 5 doesn't exist in the Pokemon world.
Dev comment: I had a joke I wanted to use but then I realized that it would take a long time to sprite out a new character and it's almost midnight and I didn't want to be late again. So here's something I quickly whipped up about arson or something I didn't think too hard about this.