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I write art and draw plots for fun.
I'm not dead, uni's just being horrendous

also whoa has it been a month already
@m.Delto: No, the genocide happened around the time Barnold found RBamm-bamMK.
remember to always hit ctrl before you paste text and then forget what you wrote
ask pebblistachio, she'll tell you when she's 4 feet tall
Honestly, I just noticed this as I was uploading, Fred hasn't had a single line of dialogue since strip 38-39 (depending on how you look at it)

Fred needs some love
if you want to stifle competition, hostile takeovers work wonderfully
@m.Delto: If you read from the very start, you'll notice the exact moment when that happened and why it did

and i'll probably never stop doing that because it looks better with the overlap imo
in hindsight this joke was really dumb but the minor characters should shut up now about not being in the limelight

except for theodore

theodore deserves a fanbase
this isn't a liveaction network TV special, abusing children to stop abuse only makes them a loser of a game they had no right playing

what will mr criminal criminal do next
@artofjoe: True enough, I started the comic a month and a half ago and am at an effective 25ish fans. It's not quite as good as it used to be, but it's a sizable readership nonetheless.

It's been slowing down hard, though.
robbing a bank to stop another bank robber is not a smart idea

also known as the first strip to feature exclusively minor characters in the comic happy 40 strips except for the 2 that i never finished
@artofjoe: 14 here and 12 on Tapas, that's pretty good for a shitpost sprite comic

now if only i could make a living with it haha
when learning history, don't learn from propaganda

be like the british and take a propaganda
distraction is technically a tactic to avoid taking blame for your transgressions
@artofjoe: But do you get why it's called Winceton Chokeable Vitalmins?
Okay, if the colours are off, I'm really sorry about that but for the next couple of weeks, I'm away from my typical monitor and this one is missing a lot of the subtle colours I work with, also known as a TV. It's nice that it's a big screen but it really hurts working on it and that's why Betty looks like she was stamped into a wet newspaper.
shirking responsibilities is a responsible thing to do if you can't be hurt by the fallout and if you want to watch your career burn
Speaking of executing ideas, this comic will now update thrice a week (MWF) to limit reader burnout. Also my potential burnout. I'm starting university soon, which involves Computer Science and learning a third language which has nothing to do with the two I already know. So, for all the fun I have making this, I want to keep it going for as long as I can.

Also, crowd scenes suck to draw.
don't be upset that you didn't execute your idea first, you can watch someone else screw it up